portion control ?? who and how

Hello all!!! I was wondering who, how, and if some of you portion every pizza. Ever since the great cheese depression a couple of months ago our cheese cost has jumped up 1,700/ month. YIKES!!!
Anyway, what methods do you use and how have they affected your make line speed and labor cost. From sauce to toppings how specific are your methods. Success stories and nightmares welcome please. I wanted to tap into the knowledge here before I start my own little method. BTW it’s freaking HOT!!!


Hello my friend in St.Louis,Heres the deal,Its fast,accurate and the cost effective way to do it.Put a scale on your make line and weigh every pie and you’ll see dramtic differences in your pocket at the end of the week.Train your crew TODAY do not wait another moment.This may be the best advice you’ll ever get.

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what type of make-line scale do you use?

Hello Pizza,I can check today to see which model but it is a Toledo Scale.There are so many out there that are cheaper.I bought this one cheap from a cat who was gone out of bus…


I use a Taylor Digital Pizza Scale #TE 12. It’s been great. Here is a link to Taylor’s website:


It is the 10th scale down.

Thanks! I think I am going to get the Taylor today.

I have saved over 400.00 a week in cheese alone. I recomend the Avery Weigh Tronix 6115. It has a nice display and a hands fee Tare sensor

I preportion the cheese in plastic bags. They easy to do, store nicely, and cheap (the bags). We portion during slower times between lunch and dinner. During the rushes, it’s a breeze to get the exact amount of cheese on each pizza.

i have the same one…a little pricey, but you will make your $$ back in no time and it has held up for over 5 yrs…highly recommend

I buy a $9.99 Scale from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Its round and has a portioning bowl, and it measures in ounces, lbs, and kilograms, and it tares with the touch of a button up to 8 times.

The first scale I bought lasted me about 18 months. Before this I used to by the top of the line commercial scales, and pay upwards of $600. But they break easily when pushed off the counter, and well the cringe factor is less with the $9.99, and so is my ability to FORGIVE the person who did the deed.
It will happen guaranteed, no matter how well you protect your scale, you or your employee will bump, or push, or drop the scale, and after that, they don’t always work the same. So I have learned to buy easily replaceable scales.

Now secondly, when I started with Domino’s in 1988, I was trained to weigh every item on the first ten pizza’s of the day. Back then we had only 14 toppings, and usually within the first ten pizza’s you would use everyone of them, and you would calibrate your hands.

But now I have 3 pizza sizes, 10 sauces, and 45 toppings, and as expensive as some of these ingredient are I find myself scaling all the ingredients all the time.

However, during a rush that isn’t always possible. I like to think that if I scale 80% of the time, I will save about 20% of my food cost. Cause I know I am heavy handed, and when the phone starts a ringing and we start to pop that scale usually gets pushed out of the way.

But I will tell you. I opened my most recent store in May, and we were free handing for about the first 2 weeks, cause I forgot to buy a scale, duh!!! Those first 2 weeks we were running 38% food cost, once I got the scales it dropped to about 32% which is more palatable. And I am sure that if I made it mandatory to scale 100% of the time it my drop to 30% or less.

6% on $8,000 a week adds up to about $25,000 a year in savings. And another thing don’t worry if it slows you down a little, you now have $25,000 extra cash to play with you could easily hire several rush period part-time helpers with that.

So If you want to save money!!! GET A SCALE TOMORROW!!!

do you weigh separtely on the scale then put on the pizza, or put the whole pizza on a tare ofter each ingredient.
on my inexpensive scle, which is accurate, if I put the pizza on, I cannot see the read out.
have not found even a moderately prices one with a remote read-out,

Every item on every pizza is scaled. With magic that is a POS I can tell if weighing happened every day. If it doesn’t those cooks are dealt with. We’ve never used digital scales for the make line. We use yamato dial scales. They last forever. Taring function? Who needs that. Weigh to 8 oz, if you need 8 more ounces weigh to 16 oz. We’ve been scaling this way since 1995.

Pizza Hut has done this several ways over the years. It basically boils down a wieghing method and a measuring method.
The weighing method is probably more accurate but I hated it as a cook and trainer, but that could have just been the way the hut made us do it.

The way I prefered to work was the use of cups (not refering to the unit of measure) to measure certain amounts of each topping for different pizza’s. It was univeral for all the pizza’s and it could be done quickly. You never scooped but funnelled the toppings into the cup loosely packed. This system used three cups of different sizes (L,med,small) and a separate cup for the cheese.
The crews at the hut’s I worked for seemed to pick up on this faster than memorizing the different weight portions to use for the various pizza’s. It controlled the costs well enought that Pizza Hut reverted to this method of portioning the toppings. I don’t know if that has changed, it has been about 5 years since I worked at the Hut.