Portion control

Other than weighing mozzarella does anyone portion control all other toppings and if so do you use spoodles? what works? Thanks.

I use a digital scale (Taylor Pizza Scale) for all of my toppings. Papa John’s uses color coded cups. There’s a person on ebay that sells them for $17.99:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … ESINDXX:IT

I bought a couple of sets a few months back. I might give the cups a try if I ever get around to figuring out how much for each color cup, weight, sized pizza, etc.

We use the colored cups bought them at the everything dollar store have like 6 dollars in 25 cups.has saved a fortune in profits and given a better quality(consistent) product to customers

I know it is a profit control feature to measure out all the toppings but I think the larger thing to think about is the comment about consistencey of the finished product. We all have our way that we like our pizza to come out and that is what the big guys strive for. You get the same pizza, be it the same garbage, at all PH’s, PJ’s, etc. I posted a commen a couple weeks ago about asking for extra sauce on my deep dish from one of my favorite places. To make the story short…it had over 6 cups of sauce on top of it. It was a disgusting soup of tomato paste more or less. That being said…if they used xx oz. of sauce normally and I want extra…it should be the same xx oz. of extra sauce everytime I order. That’s just my opinion. :idea:

I’ve posted this before in the “Where to begin…lowering food costs” thread but for those of you who are interested in standardizing the topping portions on all of your pizzas, we have a new resource available.

Our Pizza Topping Portion Wall Chart is a poster-sized version of our popular Pizza Topping Portion Guide (see preview below) for you to post over your prep tables which may assist in training your employees how to properly create your pizza. Since we know there is only one way to top your pizza, and that’s your way, we have left one side blank for you to fill in your specials and the portions which fit with your targeted food costs.

To request a poster, please fill out our Pizza Topping Portion Guide Request Form.

At this time, we have a limited quantity of the Wall Charts. If the survey is closed, I apologize in advance because we have run out.