Portion question...again I know....

I’m certain this has been asked and answered, but I s*ck with the search feature evidently.

We’re putting a portion control chart into effect (this time I mean it!), and am soliciting how ya’ll do multiple toppings, especially the meats. As in, with say a sausage and pepperoni pie would you give the full portion of each, do you start cutting back portion sizes at 3 tops, 4 tops? And how far do you reduce the additional toppings?

And one note to share. When we were in Rome recently I noted that all their pizza used WAY less cheese than we’re used to here in the State. When I came back I played around with cutting back our cheese on my own pizzas and found for instance on our 8" we call for 4oz of cheese. On my pies I use as little as 2.5 oz and the look and the taste is remarkably better! We’re going to do some customer sampling “taste testing” if you will and I plan on the result being our cheese use drop at least a 1/3rd.

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You absolutely cut back on multiple toppings. ANd its not ripping anyone off. Its simply because of flavor and texture. If you don’t cut back on meats, it gets overly salt and oily, you don’t cut back of veggies, you get too much water.

To me, making a pizza is like cooking anything else…you strive for the best flavor. Like when I do half oders…putting as much of a topping of halves as you do on wholes, to me, is ridiculous. The balance is totally gone.

But, I will admit, you will get customers who aren’t concerned with flavor, they what QUANTITY and feel ripped off if you try and make the best product you can…in that case, you know your customers better than anyone…you handle it the way you see fit.

What kind of portion control are you using with your cheese. That is by far and away the most important topping you need to regulate. Meats are close, but don’t compare to cheese when you are just a bit off.

Once you switch to topping cups, you will find them easier, faster, and cheaper very quickly.

We’re weighing our cheese currently and I want to get the same controls on the rest of the toppings. I’ve used cups, and scales in past stores I’ve been in so believe me, I know their value. I’m just trying to figure out where to start cutting back on toppings. Right now we do full measure on 2 toppings, and start cutting the next to .750. I’m thinking of even cutting that back to 1/2 portion for over 2, and just trying to get a feel for the rest of the world.

Our main competition in town, a strong regional chain, prices out say 1.25 per topping on their 14" pie…up to 4 toppings. If you want to go hog-wild with say 12 toppings, they still only pay the 4 top price. I’m certain they must be cutting the measures WAY down to afford to do that. I suppose at the end of the day it’s all about what I want to do.