Portioning cups

I am looking for some portioning cups. Cups we use on the make line to measure toppings. The ones I have here are part of a set I can’t find, they came with the equipment I bought (used). They have holes in the bottom for draining and are color coded (they even have letters on the handle). I know I’m missing a few (a red one which was the one we used most of the time, we replaced it with a 1/3 cup for now, but would eventually like to find a replacement).

Anyway, I searched online and the webstaurant store and a few other places and couldn’t find anything like them. I don’t need these exactly, something like them would be nice, though. I can put my own holes in them so that’s not even a requirement, but I have a new menu coming out and I need to make some charts for the employees and it’s helpful when I can refer to the color of the scoop they need for various ingredients. So if anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it! Thanks.

There are some on Ebay right now. Search " Papa johns portion cups "


Got a set. Thanks.

What is the reasoning for the holes?

For pineapple and a few of the peppers we dont keep on the line, like banana peppers.