portioning toppings on multiple topping pizzas

How much lighter do you portion your pizzas as they get heavier on the toppings. For example how much sausage do you put on a large 1 topping vs a large 5 or 6 topping? Also do you vary it even greater if someone gets say an 8 topping pizza?

3 toppings knocks each portion down to 3/4 of a single portion. On a 5 topping each portion is half of what a single topping would get. We don’t taper down any more than that above 5 toppings, but we would warn the customer that we will have to bake the pie “well” in order to get everything to cook properly.

It really amazed me that this went on when I got into the business years ago. When I started my shop we dont size down on the portions at all! You get the same amount wether it is a single topping or all the way(13 toppings) I had the oven(lincoln 1000) setup to accomadate this from day one the only problems we have had is the cheese pizzas will of course cook faster so we scoot them forward (half the length of pizza). and once in a great while we will have someone add double the topping but in those cases we run it through one and quarter times. My customers love the amount of toppings

We drop each by 15%