POS 2 For 1 Pricing


This is for all you 2 for 1 pizza operators and Point of Success users.

I am just curious if you were able to set up 2 for 1 pizza prices in the combo button successfully? Only issue I have been getting is when I have an order for half half on both pizzas. It is not giving me the right price of the highest pizza price and adding two of the sides together which is doubling the price.

If anyone has any success doing this or suggestions please feel free to answer here or PM me thanks. I know you are thinking to call help desk but I just want to hear from actually users.

On the super button properties there is a check box Charge Most Expensive Protion do you have it checked?

Thanks for the reply,
Yes I have that checked. Using the super button is no problem half half but trying to integrate 2 for 1 pizzas isn’t as smooth. I have the Special Pizzas and Create Your Own all put into the combination button two times, one for page 1 and page 2.

I talked to the POS techs and I guess they don’t see the type of pricing that is more common in Canada. 2 for 1, basically you pay for a single pizzas of lets say $18 for a House Special Large and the second pizza is another $8.00, but the advertise price on the menu is set at two pizzas for $26.00 (an example). Only mess I run into is having half half on both pizzas, which happens from time to time and the price won’t do what I want.

I am just curious if there were any other pizzeria that do what I do and using Point of Success.

We do a 1/2 off the 2nd pizza…and use a discount code/key…I"d recommend the same method…takes just a second to use & incorporates well,with Big Holler/online…