Does anyone know of a POS system that integrates GPS? I’d like to be able to keep track of my drivers and supply them with a GPS to expedite deliveries.

What do you mean by “integrate” GPS into a POS system?

I think GPS for drivers will be a total waste of money and time. Even the worst driver I have easily finds his way to his deliveries after a few days by just looking at a map on the wall.

I think any quality POS should provide directions therefore GPS seems a bit redundant…I do have Nextel direct connect phones that help alot though

well i live in vermont in a town that stretches in wierd directions with hidden developments. Plus its hard to find your way in the snow. peoples houses are set back quite a way from the road so its impossible to read the house number. i think in my area it would be very useful, the driver can’t say it took him an hour to deliver one pizza because he got lost. plus i want one anyway so why not write it off.
are you talking about the nextel phones where you can talk to the dots and the dots talk back, but you should not agitate the dots?

Who’s agitatin’ my dots ??