POS and online ordering integration

I bought Point of Success in the hope that we could integrate it with Big Holler online ordering system. We currently use an online ordering company which does customer loyalty and email marketing at no cost and our customers seem to like both–but this system is not integrated with POS. Big Holler does not offer loyalty or email marketing and they do not plan on doing so–however their system is easier to use especially since it’s meant to work with Point of Success and will cost about half of what we pay now. I’m worried my current customers will miss the loyalty program and I will have to get another company to do the email marketing. What’s your advice? Should I stay with what I know or bite the bullet and get Big Holler (keep in mind I’m also a bit understaffed and Big Holler’s orders would come straight to my system saving time)?

Who is your credit card processor? Point of Success is tied in with Mercury, who we have and like, or else you need to have an add on to use someone else as I understand it. Mercury also offers a loyalty program that ties in with the POS, as I understand it. I’m not currently using either of the online ordering or the loyalty system, so I can’t vouch for how good either of them are. But both sound good to me and I plan on adding them in the future.

I don’t use a loyalty program but am a big SMS user & that has supplanted most of my email marketing…in all honesty, 99.99% of folks read their texts, while less than 30% will open/read your emai…yes texts msg may upset some, but how u manage it can reduce any complaints…the few folks that don’t use their cell is slim in my market…plus, BH/POS captures the emai & you can use MonkeyMail or someone else…

Have you tried a POS-independent pizza shop loyalty program before? It would allow you use any POS system of your preference, and there is no shortage of different POS systems available today.

We’re going with Arrow POS.

I use POS, Mercury and Big Holler mostly because of the integration. They work flawlessly together so I am a happy customer of all three. I am not doing email or text marketing yet but that will be coming soon. Any recommendations would be most welcome!

Do you know what you’d like your email and/or text-message marketing to accomplish? For example, do you currently have either an email or text-message system which invite back customers that haven’t been back in the last 30/60/90 days, or would you need that to be part of the new system you add-on?

If you are not sure what you’d like your email/text-messaging system to accomplish, I’m sure there are plenty of people on this board that can make recommendations of what you should include.