pos bump bar

I am trying to install a bump bar on my new pos system and need some dirrection in where to purchase the screens and the hardware. thanks.

I have a brand-new-in-the-box bump bar that I never used in a POS system I installed a few months ago.

If you are interested drop me an email at quahtrader at gmail dot com - if you have any other questions I can help.


That depends on the POS system you have. What type of kitchen display or kitchen display “system” will you be using?

I have seen kitchen displays done two different ways: In our software and a few other systems, the kitchen display is part of the order entry program or other software that you run on a computer. In this case, the bump bar works like (emulates) a keyboard on the computer and the screen is a computer display. The other type of kitchen display uses a controller box that is connected to a cash register or POS system, which in turn is connected to remote boxes with a display plugged into each. This type of kitchen display “system” requires a proprietary bump bar and screens, not the keyboard type of bump bar or a standard computer display.

What POS system are you using and what type of kitchen display does it have?