POS For Food Tuck

I am looking to start a food truck in my city. I am wondering if anyone knows of a mobile POS or of one that can be used in that situation. I want one that I can use for tracking inventory and marketing as well.

I think inventory is going to be your biggest hurdle. When you ask for inventory I am assuming you want a full food service inventory management system - One that looks at the finished menu items you sell, translates that back into their ingredients, then depletes your inventory for those ingredients. Inventory management sounds like overkill for a food truck. If you want inventory you will probably need to buy a full restaurant POS system. A small computer wouldn’t take up much space and you could run it with an inverter.

On the other end of the spectrum you should look at the iPad version of Square. It’s a simple mobile POS solution that will process credit cards for you and email receipts. You can even record cash payments and email receipts for those. The problem with Square is that you can’t print a prep ticket for the kitchen.

You can see Square at www.squareup.com or if you have an iPad you can get the app from the App Store for free.

As an Auditor & a satisfied P.O.S. user, I’d use Jeff’s free version of P.O.S. & skip the inventory module/aspect all together…

In a small environment like a food truck, selling less than a dozen items, you can use a simple spreadsheet & QuickBooks to keep yer ducks in a row…