POS for "Hot and Ready" concept

I’m looking for a POS system that is already set up to do a Little Ceasars style “Hot and Ready” concept. I have found one that seems to be able to manage the number of pizzas pre cooked based on differing thresholds hour by hour. I am looking for a couple more so I can compare features and prices. I mostly have found POS companies tell me they have their system in LC stores but do not offer a way to manage the quantities of precooked pizzas. Does anyone here do a similar concept as LCs and have a POS programmed to help?

BTW three of the POS companies I have called have had no one to answer their phone. Two went to voice mail and one just kept on ringing. Pretty surprising for a business sector that can’t possibly be thriving.

Being a Point of Success Believer/User, I’d say that would work quite well 4 your new operation…


The ability to program everything on the fly using their simple interface, plus being able to use PC components instead of custom equipment only available from the POS company is great.

Point of Success is used in several Little Caesar’s locations. It can easily handle the POS duties for both prepared food items and custom pizza orders but it will not tell you how many pies to make for each hours’ predicted sales.

On another POS we used to run a report, based on last weeks (day) sales, breaking down the # of pies & sizes per hour, for the day…not really useful, IMHBAO

Either yer busy or your not…

You don’t need a POS- a cash register works fine- just count boxes. LC just has a “build too” based on past sales at that store- pretty easy to manage…if you have volume.

I know my system can be programmed to poll previous week’s “hot and ready” sales and generate an expected usage from that. It then sends an “order” to the make line at regular intervals telling the number and type of each pizza make - totally automating the process.

I use Pyrimont’s ProfiTouch (ProfitOuch?) system.

Disclaimer: I have not seen this feature in action as it is a custom-programmed one I do not use, I have only been told this is how some Hot-and-Ready concepts using their system are set up. It could be lies, all lies.