POS for non english language

I am in Europe, and am looking for a good POS system. Do you know if most or any of them are compatible with foreign languages. We have some non english letters and would like to customise the system so that it is in our language, or at least be able to use our letters in names, street names etc.
I also wonder if the caller id thing is compatable with European systems.

Hope somebody can help :slight_smile:

Firefly Technologies has a system written in PHP. It would be an easy manner for you to translate the text strings to your language if you have someone who has a bit of PHP experience.

I’ll check it out. Thanks!

POSPizza works in the UK and they have a few customers there. They took out the decimal point for me as my currency is whole numbers, so they are interested in markets outside the US.

I’ve been reading about POSPizza and it looks good (so does the price!)
Does it cause any problems using British pounds instead of USD? Can it handle the different VAT settings etc?

I believe SpeedLine operates in 5 languages. I know they have English, Spanish and French for certain.