POS for Start-up without delivery

Opening a sit-down place that may do a bit of take-out but NO DELIVERY. It is space critical so I am looking for the least expensive POS with the smallest footprint.



How many seats? Bar? How many menu items?

36 inside; 40 on patio

Beer, wine, and soft drinks

4 salads

8 pizzas (+ a dozen extra toppings)

3 gelatos



Smallest footprint is related to the computer hardware you choose. All-in-one POS computers (computer and touch screen in one box) take the least space but cost the most from a price/performance perspective. In general, the smaller the hardware the higher the price premium. There is a wide selection at all price and performance levels.

Search Google for “all-in-one pos computer” and you’ll get a long list of suppliers.

You haven’t said whether you have enough under counter space for a computer in a component based system, but this is a lower cost option.

No comment on the software part of it because I may be biased. :wink:

you can buy a good used Dell P4 computer 4 less than $200…couple that w/a ELO touch-screen for $200 & an Epson printer or 2 for $100 each & you have a reliable system…add a few more Dell’s and some cabling & yer in biz…

personally, I got a 3 license from Point of Success & all the above for less than 2K…

couple that w/QuickBooks and you have an unbeatable system…