POS Gift Cards

Does anyone know how to activate gift cards with Mercury on Point of success. I will continue searching the site but need it quick, and of course POS is closed today.

Do you mean issue a gift card or turn on gift card processing?

Turning on gift card processing is something you need to talk to Mercury about. It isn’t instant but it’s fast.

To issue a gift card you need to set up a product code for activating a new gift card and another for reloading gift cards. Create a menu button for each of these new product codes. After the gift card order is paid, the gift card activation window will display so that you can process the card.

All this is detailed in the user manual at Start > Programs > Point of Success > Point of Success User Manual.

Figured it out. Couldn’t find the help section for gift cards on your website, found it right after I posted it.

I have contacted mercury. Everything is setup on my POS. Able to activate cards etc. However, how do I set it up to pay with these. Gift cards are not an option to pay, and when swipe as a credit card it is saying, other not accepted.

Mercury says everything is setup on their end, and has been for a while. anyone have any ideas?


You need to set up a gift card tender type.

Go to Office Manager > Tools > Tender Types. If you don’t already have a gift card tender type, set it up.

Next, assign the default gift card tender type. Go to Office Manager > Tools > Select the tender types. Select the gift card tender type in the gift card field.

You should be able to accept a gift card payment now.

Remember we also have a support forum at www.posroundtable.com. It would be faster to get help there than here!