POS goes down...need delivery order forms!

well we got caught withour pants down when a nasty storm hit town and zapped our POS…where can I get those “old-school” order forms that I have heard about?

How much damage to the POS? It might be easier to get the POS sytem back up.

all your terminals s/have a UPS (uninteruptable power system) units attached, or at lease the server…

you can get them big enough to run the cpu/monitor/ticket printer for an hour or so…

We are “old school” and order ours from www.pizzaforms.com

If you order before 3pm, they can ship to you that day . . . next day delivery . . . you get them quick. If you need them sooner than that . . . then I’m not so helpful to you.

I don’t have many at all in hand, so I cannot offer to send you some of mine and make it worth your while. We actually have to place an order next week ourselves for the re-open.

If you need them tommorow, get me your address and I’ll Fed Ex you a pack. Otherwise, your food distributer may carry them or www.pizzaforms.com.

We thought we were okay 2 years go. UPS on all workstations & server. But a direct hit proved otherwise all but 2 stations were fried beyond repair. They were old Rapidfire systems so it finally forced us to upgrade. :smiley: But wait it gets better. That was my older store. My newer store get hit on the VERY same night 10 minutes after I got the call from the other store saying their POS is down, my new store gets hit. This time the UPS did their job. But as I went in to the back room I noticed a burning smell. I looked up and saw my phone system smoking. So on a rainy, busy Sunday night one store can take orders but not receive calls while the other can receive calls but not take orders. :shock: It was only 45 minutes until close so finished all the orders and called it a night. That was fun. I should give a big thumbs up to Firefly for keepins our Rapidfire system limping along until they got Phoenix installed.