pos hardware?

thanks for the answer about the pos software , point of sucess, now what about hardware what are you guys using? the list of companies is unreal! who do you chose? where going to have an office,bar,kithche,pizza counter.

you can get many great deals on ebay…thermal receipt printers - $100, touchscreens $250, P4 Dell’s <$200

If you are thinking new equipment Dell is a reasonible priced choice. Do not let someone talk you into buying a gamers machine as it is way overkill. You will want a server with a decent amount of ram. Ebay is a good place to find low cost equipment if if you are ok with used.

If you have time to wait for an extra good deal check in daily at www.rage3d.com and click on the deals link. They keep track of all the good deals out there on Dell and others. It saves the time of checking all the sites yourself. Good luck!

Just be careful buying on e-bay… Alot of used PC’s will list COA attached. (Certificate of Authenticity for the Operating System)… But they will not include disks, nor the restore partition. It can be a pain to get these original install disks from the manufacturer and according to microsoft the COA is no longer good if the seller (refurbisher) does not obtain the original install disks to pass on to you. Basiclly the microsoft licenses can get complicated, so I’d steer away from the ebay PC’S that do not offer the original restore disk for the PC. Unless of course your going to install Linux or care to spend the money to buy another windows license.

But if you look around and make sure your getting the right stuff, you can score some nice deals on ebay… I’v bought a couple nice workstations for $90. (Pentium 4, 2.8ghz, 512megs memory, cdrom, etc… full licensed version of xp pro)…

And when purchasing monitors you can save a ton of money by buying a used CRT touch screen… They might be a bit clunky and not look as nice as an LCD but they get the job done for about $50 per monitor :)…

thanks guys for all the info. i dont know if this is to much to ask but our whole kitchen and bar is new equip except the hobart mixer. so we would like to buy a new pos. and i do business with dell didnt even think of them until i read it here. so the question is would you be able to tell me what i need in hardware piece wise.
i will have an office,bar,kitchen,front pizza counter. i figure 2 touch screens, 2 cash drawers, but how many printers,credit card ect. i just dont want the reps selling me what i dont really need.i was told bundles are good come in one package? the last rep i talked to made me think i was selling pos products rather than pizza when i was done i had a ton of equipment (the only place that didnt have a pos was the bathrooms LOL) how do i know if i need it? thanks you if you guys can help.

an example i own a landscaping co. i purchased a new skid steer 25K. it was new to the business at the time so i did some research on it and knew what attachment i needed. when i asked the rep to give me a price for what i will need the estimate was for 40K.so i bought what i needed 25K.
pos and my machine are very similar but it difficult to figure out this pos to many things.


Look at where you are going to want to take orders: you need a pc for each of those locations.
Look at where you are going to need the printout for each order, you will need a printer for each of those locations
Look at where you are going to take payment, you will need a cashdrawer and printer for each of those locations
The assumption is you will take orders and payments at the same location meaning the PC, cash drawer and printer will be grouped.
I do not have a pc in my kitchen but do have a printer.

The equipment you need is totally dependant on how you run your opperation. I have 2 till stations (PC, touch screens, Cash drawer and thermal printer) 1 impact printer in the kitchen(the thermal paper and oily fingers are not a good combination) and I have a PC in my office.
Hope this helps.

i bought everything from www.posworld.com. great folks and great support

I like Dell for computers and POSWorld for the POS peripherals. Dell has an amazing deal now: http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/ … w2fy&s=bsd Dual core processor, lots of memory, Windows XP, great for the server/data host computer, $349. They also have an economy version of this computer that is perfect for an order entry workstation for $299.

i hate to seem clueless but this is where i get lost. does the tower run the whole system? see if i have it right i need a tower and computer monitor in the office , (2) touch screen,(2)cash drawer,(2)printer for orders,(2)printer for payment.(1bar,1 pizza counter) our pizzeria is in the front and the bar is in the back its seperate on the otherside of the kithchen. then (1) thermal printer in the kitchen.this gets hooked up all together and off we go ?what about the card slider thing i need 2?

thank you for everyone that replied it is very helpful i think im almost there.