pos help wanted!!

i am starting a new restaurant in florida and am going to have 2 floors with dine-in, take out and delivery featuring pizza, wings and various other items. my question is: what pos system works best for everyone? i would rather not spend $25K for 5 station system. anyone ever hear of “Win-EZ”??? they seem pretty good but would love feedback…thank you!!

Theres many choices, so really do your research! Plenty of people here have shared their views on the systems they chose. A few popular ones are revention, food tec, point of success, micros, prizm, aloha.

But the fact that you’re building a 2-floor restaurant with a 5 station system (plus a back office, fingerprint/cards swipes, printers etc), you should not skimp on your pos system. Be prepared to spend that kind of money. Its a critical piece of equipment, especially with the volume your expecting with a 2-floor restaurant.

I hate diamondtouch, dont buy that. Even if you could get a deal, its not worth it.

Good luck.

thank you so much for your input!!!

Bobbio’s concerns have been heard by Revention and we have a strong commitment to designing solutions that help build business throughout the restaurant industry. This is what keeps Revention motivated to help its customers achieve success. Bobbio’s is currently experiencing a Microsoft problem on a personal computer and all of the files that are necessary to use the Revention software are on his system. Bobbio’s is unwilling to pay for the repairs that are needed to correct the issues with his computer. This could be corrected by a third party company or we are more than happy to evaluate his unit in our repairs lab. We have graciously offered Bobbio’s a refund for the software that they purchased from Revention as an effort of good faith.

Revention strives to satisfy all of our customers. Sometimes in a rare situation like this one, we are unable to make the customer happy and we believe that we have offered a mutually beneficial solution to the problem and we wish Bobbio’s success in their future endeavors.

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