POS information

I am currently looking at a ALOHA POS system from a supplier here in Australia.

The seller states that this system has been around for 20+ years in the US and is supposed to be a great system.

Has anyone used or uses the ALOHA brand and if so what is it like?

Please do not talk about other sytems as I need an Aussie based company for the sales, back up service, supply etc.

Any info and comments would be greatly appreciated.


Here in Arizona I know Aloha has been around for quite a long time, I don’t know about twenty years, but I Think I remember them being around when I came into the field about twelve years ago. They are not cheap, but they are also considered top tier like micros, or digital dining. The most important thing though is not necessarily the company that wrote the software, but the company that is selling it to you and supporting it! Make sure they are going to be there for the long haul. I wish you luck, and if you do not already have a POS system, you will be very happy with your decision to by one!

David McGuire