POS LCD Repairs -- My Recommendation

I have several touchscreen units and some have needed repairs. If you contact Elo they want an arm and a leg to repair these so I did some searching and gotta tell you that I used http://www.lcdrepair.us/contact_us.html

I paid 60.00 to have them repaired and when a new one is 800.00…this was a great deal.

I thought that you guys may find this useful since most of us use POS’s now and these monitors will go bad soon enough.


You live in Texas, then, right? I love the price . . . but shipping from GA would probably double my cost (round trip). I have found used ones for about $100 when I am searching for one.

We use CRC Systems out of Florida. http://www.touchscreenrepair.com I’ve always been happy with their work and service.

Even with shipping to PA it’s less than 100…about 70 with insurance

Great timely post. Was preparing to send mine into Elo. Thanks!

me too, but thankfully mine is still under warranty

HUGE RIPOFF sending to ELO

glad I started this post.

Good Post Mandy.


We all need to watch our operating expenses in this lovely economy.

Sorry to hijack, but we use keyboards and mice with $75 lcds. My staff really wants touchscreens. Anyone gone from mouse/keyboard to touchscreens? Is it a substantial increase in order entry speed?

My Monitor went down a week ago, and i’m waiting for a new ELO.

The mouse & keyboard is a lot SLOWER!

Amen! My server is probably 5 to 10 times faster with touch than with mouse/keyboard.

You are putting TWO tools in the system (kb/mouse) between the user and the data rather than straight touch. Much more ergonomically efficient unless they have visual issues. My server does like a keyboard for number entry, but that is more comfort than efficiency.

Over the last 12 years I have pretty much always been able to buy closeout models of ELO screens on eBay for $60- $80 each. I have purchased a few for less than $50. I have never paid over $120. Heck with fixing them! when I get down to no spares and another one goes bad, I buy 3 on ebay and get a good deal on them for maybe $150 to $200 and I am set for another few years.

After seeing this post I purchased 2 refurbished ELO 1529L’s from LCD Repair ( http://www.lcdrepair.us/Elo1529L.html ) for $125 each.

When the box arrived, I found 2 ELO 1525L’s in the box, not 1529L’s. Different monitor, much older - could be 5 years older. Stand is totally different and monitor sit much higher than a 1529, and won’t fit where I need to put them.

Attempted to contact them via telephone for a couple of days without answer. Tried 2 different email addresses, also without answer.

Finally opened a paypal dispute - answered within an hour with only “1525L are an equivilent model. If they will not work just return for a full refund.”. Nothing else.

I responded asking if they were willing to pay for return shipping - no answer. Tried again, no answer.

No explanation of why they would specifically say they are selling 1529’s, show pictures and specifications of 1529’s - only to ship 1525’s and say they are the same thing, when they are obviously not.
:x :cry: