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Good Morning,

We are purchasing a pizza shop and are working on an agreement with the owner to perhaps split the cost of a touchscreen POS system. We would like to also offer on-line ordering.

We are waiting on the quote but have been told that adding an internet ordering interface is very expensive and that only the “big boys” do it.

My questions are:

  1. Is this true for all POS systems (are some POS system more internet order friendly or already configured for it)?

  2. Is there another way to take internet orders (For example, we were thinking of buidling an online ordering form complete with credit card capability etc. We thought we could have it automatically print out orders to a printer next to the register. Someone would then have to either re-type the info into the POS, OR make the order and enter them into the POS system at the end of the night).

Thoughts, ideas, experiences are appreciated.

Foodtec solutions has online ordering integrated into there POS check it out.

Revention is Fully linked to your POS so you do not have to re-enter the order after it prints to your kitchen. 100% seemless and what other POS systems wont tell you is that they have some hidden fees and limits on order amounts. Revention gives you more to keep you up and making money.

Off the top of my head, and vendors please correct me:

Point of Success: No online order integration yet as far as I know. Jeff?

Speedline: You use one of their certified web designers/hosts or your own. One time $995 license, $250 setup, and whatever your online host charges. Their API also allows for remote call agents without any additional licensing. Pro: Newest API appears very advanced, not beholden to Speedline for online ordering. Con: You have to pay someone on the outside and deal with another vendor.

Revention: Restricted to their own solution, but integrated and $49 a month for unlimited orders. Pro: Low cost, should be tightly integrated, only one company to deal with. Con: You cannot use anyone else.

DiamondTouch: Use your own online company. Frankly, I did not investigate as we were put off by the salesman and the software was still based on MS Access. :shock:

We are debating whether online ordering should just be another extension of the POS (like Revention) or whether we should have the freedom to change online order companies but with more development cost and having to deal with two companies with any issue (and companies do seem to blame the other for any problems).

Anyone else have info?

Hoping I can add a bit to this discussion. Firefly Technologies has been offering online ordering for quite some time for the Phoenix POS. Firefly allows you to sign up with one of the several online ordering companies currently interfaced or bring your own. There is no charges or setup fees to pay Firefly. Of the several online ordering companies currently interfaced their are many different pricing plans from a flat low monthly fee to only paying per transaction whatever works best with your budget and volume. All the while giving you the freedom to have your website designed as fancy or as simple as you like and to maintain it at your own .com address.

This is the misconception of everyone and this keeps independent owners away from starting an online ordering program. I suggest looking into ZenosPizza.com they have made it affordable for all of the independents who will give it a go to make it work. Currently their startup fee has been temporarily discounted to 0.

People who show up out of nowhere, with no profile, and with a username like yours makes us wonder if you are just self-promoting.

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Your profile is a fine example of who you are. Then there are a few others who have only posted once here also, why not ripe them for there self promotion. You did a fine job (sort of) promoting everyones else. Maybe if my name was OnlinePizzaLOSERoftheCentury well now that will really inspire and encourage people to read something. Giving people more information and options to consider, only helps them make better decisions, for what would be in there best interest. Which by your response to me is not yours. Maybe you are rep for all those other guys you named. This has gone south enough for this discussion.

Your taking such strong exception is also an indication of self-promotion. So do you have any relationship to the company you are recommending? If so, you would build more trust if you were just honest about it.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 6:05 pm Post subject: Re: POS + Online Ordering Interface
Foodtec solutions has online ordering integrated into there POS check it out.

And you are not giving this person the same grief as well, they are even listed as a guest. And as for this company my relationship, if any, is none of your business, it isn’t like your going to do any business with them anyway. And you never said who you are! And your relationship with the ones you are promoting; one could say the same about you. I do not appreciate your comments about this and not anyone else, and your dishonesty in not stating your reason for promoting other companies. Further more which part of “Giving people more information and options to consider, only helps them make better decisions, for what would be in there best interest.” do you not understand. I have stated my reason for suggesting this company, and until you state yours in some detail; I would suggest you refrain from any further comments of criticizing anyone else. For them just trying to give people more options to help them out. The good book says: take the log out of your own eye, before you take the splinter out of someone else’s.


It is not true, Revention POS has designed their own online ordering module at a very reasonable price that actually integrates into their POS system. If you would like some more information please check out our website at www.revention.com or if you would like to speak further in detail please contact me at 877-738-7444 Ext 243. I look foward to hearing from you.


Richard Lizza
Senior Sales Engineer
Revention POS

I could not be happier with Foodtec…their online ordering is TOTALLY INTEGRATED
I honestly wish everybody used it that way I never have to deal with another mistake on phone orders!

We just started online ordering and I use Speedline. We are using Onosys. There was a 1 time set up fee of $200. (I think). Onosys only charges me $2/day, all other fees are waived. They were not very fast at implementing it because they had to have Speedline assist them in the initial set up. However, once they received the info. they worked very diligently to get it up and running. So far, they have had wonderful customer service. I called last Friday night with a question about 9 pm with the intentions of leaving a voicemail and my contact guy picks up the phone and says hello. I about dropped on the floor. No one, except us, works that late on a Friday.
So…the affordability is real and the return is better. Just remember, you have got to promote it on every marketing piece.

I think I can contribute to this conversation and share some info. My company actually developed a takeout online ordering solution that is fully integrated into restaurants’ POS, so I have a bit of experience concerning this subject. Online ordering for today is not a solution that only “big boys” can afford. The fact is that the most popular restaurant chains get about 25% of their orders through mobile and online ordering and nearly 20% of quick-service restaurants provide their clients with online ordering option. Online ordering is affordable for all sizes of restaurant business. Online ordering typically pays for itself with a few takeout orders per month, so there’s no need to bother about additional monthly business expenses. Then, the process of integrating online ordering into a modern restaurant that is at least equipped with an electronic POS, is very easy. Up-to-date online ordering solutions are simply integrated into your point-of-sale and you are ready to go. With the POS interface orders are processed immediately and go directly to the kitchen.

As I said online ordering is an affordable solution but ROI is the bottom line. If you are looking forward into integrating online ordering into your business and want to know your possible ROI before you commit to integration, then I would like to submit a link here that may be helpful for you. It will help you see approximate figures of the profit increase you can obtain with online ordering integration.


Hope this information will be helpful.