POS Pics

I am going from a 2 station POS, with 1 station at front counter and 1 in back, to a 4 station system.

Space is going to be a little tight.

Do any of you have any pictures of how your POS is set up and how arranged everything?

Are you going with touchscreens? If so, you can omit the footprint of the keyboard & mouse/tracball. With my setup, I have the CPU under the counter with just my monitor and printers on top. Even though I have CRTs and not LCDs, the space requirement is not that bad.

Did you know point of success their own message board? Ask over their and you will get a response with in 3 minutes.

I don’t know if I would agree with 3 minute responses, but they certainly do have a great venue for POSuccess users. I go there about once a week or so.

Jeff has ALWAYS been there for me. Quickly. :slight_smile:

Did most of you guys with point of success install yourself or did you have a local guy come in and do it?

I did my own.

I did my own as well.

Doing my own . . . hope to finish this week.

did my own too.

ps… this was kind of a hijack of the original topic, wasn’t it? :?

did my own POS…had a previous FoodMan system that was good, but dated…works better than the hi-end systems I’ve seen/used in the past…bullet-proof as well