pos pizza...Anyone use it?

I have been looking for a pos system to put in my store…yes, I still use the trip check method.
Anyways, has anyone used pospizza? If so, I have these questions:

Can I buy any touch screen for this software?
How do I have multiple stations to take orders and be on the same system?
Printer - same question

Overall, how did you make this software program work for you?


Pizza Time,
POS Pizza is good for a starter system. The best thing about it is that you get get up and running for a very small investment. Here are the answers to your questions:

Any touch panel monitor will work. I have seen a set up with 4 used ones that woeked fine.

The terminals are set up over a LAN. There is a bit of work to run the cables yourself, but think of a ‘big’ phone line running from each computer to a central hub (about $10 at any electronics shop).

You can use any printer at all. It will print on any printer you can attach to a computer, but you really should think about a reports printer designed for that type of use.

There is a free 60 day trial with the software, so give it a test run. The main differences will be that you will have to do all of your own menu entry. If you are anything like the ‘typical’ pizza shop, you can use the majority of the sample data though. Might have to change the price of a coke or add a few toppings, but using that as a base makes the process fairly painless, although do expect to spend 5-10 hours on personalizing the system to your needs.

They have telephone and email support. The online support is free, and I have never been charged for calling them for support request. Here is a link to another discussion about POSPizza:

and a few posts by another fan.

Pizzamaster- Thanks for the input.

I did go and download the 60 day trial and will be putting together my computer system. Thanks again

Just a bit of advice, buy Elo touch monitors. They are rock solid and well worth the bit of extra money.

We use it here, let me tell you it is the single most cost effective unit in my store I LOVE IT
yes you can buy a touch screen got mine from ebay 89.00 each
trust me that you will be able to do JUST about everything that a 10,000 system can do…small things it cant do…
doesnt intregrate with my credit card machine so I have to enter manually…no big deal
the best part I have only had a few MINOR issues, called Scott the tech guy ANSWERED THE PHONE each time walked me through everything
very easy
love this pos

3 locations all set up w/ 3 order taking stations. Few small problems here and there. No big deal. One store averages around 11,000 per week. so its not just a small store pos.

POSPizza is great. It looks like there is a link to an earlier post of mine. I got the entire system installed for $50 with used computers the first time I put it in. My first addition was 2 touch screen monitors I picked up off an internet auction.

I had a printer that I bought for $2 work for over a year that I bought from the junk section of a local computer shop.

basically the best thing about the system is that you can get into it fairly cheaply. If you go top of the line hardware, you are stuck with it. You could easily spend $5,000 on top of the line touch panel monitors and hardware, but if you are going to spend that much then why not go for a more robust system like Firefly?

If you get the system set up for under $1,000, you can easily recoup your initial investment with a few marketing direct mailers, and ‘the bite’ of tossing the system a year later when you upgrade is not so bad.