POS Pizza vs Point of Success

IF we need to go for a low cost system, can anyone give me their experiences on these two or recommend another?

We just switched to Point Of Success from National Systems and have had Point of Success installed in our high volume store and are extremely happy with it. As far as low cost that all depends on how computer literate you are and what equipment you buy. We outfitted our store for around $7k but i have connections with a computer manufacturer and my best friend has a master’s degree in computer IT so we were able to get them up and running with little troubles. POS in my opinion is way more advanced and smooth running then even the newest versions of National Systems so it was a very nice upgrade for us. With everything we ordered it was around $2500 just for the software though so be aware the price advertised is just the main software that doesnt count additional workstations,caller id,employee clock in/out, etc… If you are confident with computer’s and don’t need a lot of help setting them up then POS is defintely a good alternative and the major plus for us is you are able to buy your own hardware you are not tied to anyone.

Thanks for replying, but I posted over a year ago and have since lost my business partner… and the opportunity. For now.