POS - Point of Sale ALL-IN-ONE

I am interested in updating… Currently, I am using a cash register and handwriting every ticket… I am interested in getting a POS that will print up the ticket, exactly how I my pizza guy wants it to be.

I also what Online ordering that will either fax me the order, or auto print it to my machine, with some form of notification system to let me know that I have a pending order.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

There are a lot of threads to read through on this board. Each of us has our favorite. I’m very happy with Point of Success.

Fax is dead.

A good POS will do all you are asking for and more. It will have a computer screen your “pizza guy” works from rather than a ticket and online orders will appear there just like any other order. The order labels will print out for the boxes and drivers will take orders and the system will assign the cash responsibility to their till as well as track delivery charges and tips. It will also track food cost and calculate ideal food cost. It will track bad orders, customer history, labor hours vs productivity etc etc etc

We use Prism by Microworks. Now for 17 years and I would not consider changing.

Check out Speedline Solutions. Speak to Jeff Hickey. Tell him Supremo’s Pizzeria sent you

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Everything mentioned here is also done with Speedline. What you need to do is call and get a few demos and choose based on what you feel would be the most user friendly system for your store. We did not look at prism at all but we did know when we saw Speedline, that was the system for us

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Point of success here

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Also a very happy point of success (Premium) user