Dear Think Tankers,

PMQ has taken down the original POS poll which started the thread “the most trusted POS company” long before it had a chance to reach a reliable sample size. This is because, as pointed out by a reader, the survey is severly incomplete and unfair to many other POS companies which were not listed.

If we were to do this survey again, besides including all POS companies what other questions would be helpful if included?



How about what POS do you use? How is the support? Is it reliable? Is it user friendly? Would you buy it again knowing what you know now?

Steve - The original post was actually who is the least trusted of the POS companies, posted by me. It was in response to Andrea’s email. I am sure you have the results for that one, they came in my email in-box today.

I do believe that a poll about POS companies knowing who is the least trusted is as important, if not more important than, who is the most trusted.

I am curious as to why my post was erased.