pos problem

Hey everyone, i’ve been having some issues with DiamondTouch that I was hoping someone could give me some tips on. About a week ago, I had an employee call me and tell me that the computers were acting “messed up”, and when I went in, there was a full day of sales records missing, and we had pulled in about $300 less than we do on any normal given day. I’ve had problems with this employee before, and after going into the DiamondTouch folders, I noticed that there were data files missing information and things, and I was wondering if there’s any sort of Administrative logs or anything, that would allow me to see certain commands executed by employee’s in DiamondTouch to see if this information was intentionally deleted to cover up a theft, or if i’m at a loss. Also, the data files are still there, although some of them appear to be empty, so I was wondering if there’s an import feature that would allow me to try to import those records back into DiamondTouch to recover part of the data. If anyone has any thoughts, please send them my way. Thanks for your time

I guess you are trying to avoid the expense, but Diamond Touch technical support seems the place to go for that sort of detailed support. I do hope, though, that someone here knows the sort of thing you are asking and can save you a little added money.