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Looking for help in the POS area…

We currently have a system in place. We have lost two out of 4 terminals and I am feed up with current POS people. So I am interested in hearing from folks who use the Point of Success software and where they purchased the hardware for this software…The other company’s are not an option as I will not fork out an additional $10k-$15k to bring their systems in.



Point of Success is compatable with almost every Windows program except Vista. The only hardware you’d need would be computers with the Windows operating system, a router/hub, a label printer, and a thermal printer. You can actually use the existing computers if you’ve got Windows on them.


Did they burn out? I went through one monitor already having a system for 6 months. Covered under warranty.

we are extemely happy with our pos (POS PIZZA)
cheap and very VERY little problems
if you ever do support is beyond phenomenal

Hey pizzapad,

Not sure if you know this or not, but Point of Success offers a demo version of their software. Download it and play around with it. I got the entire thing up and running on our existing network to try out… including receipt printers and a dispatch station. The managers and I did some playing around like we were open and really got to explore it.

I LOVED it. I haven’t made the switch yet because we’ve been really busy, and we just don’t want to train a new POS yet. But I’ll be buying it within the next couple of months.

There was only major (for me) downside. While you can integrate credit card processing with PC Charge Payment Server (which we already use), Point Of Success is not compatible with Human Interface Devices. That means you can’t accept debit cards through it directly. That will cost us a decent chunk of money every month.

Jeff Ward, if you’re out there… please make it accept debit cards! :slight_smile:

pretty much all debit cards can be run as a credit card transaction. As long as it has the visa/mastercard logo on it…i haven’t had any problems accepting them.

That’s very true. But I pay 15 cents + 1.7% when run as a credit card. I pay 15 cents + 0% when run as a debit card. That’s 1.7% getting flushed if I can run a debit as a credit… and I do 70% on cards.

If only half the cards are debit, that’s thousands of dollars per year that are gone.

i see your point if your doing 70% with cards.

How about this idea?

Get an ATM machine in your store and you’ll get the fee.
You will recoup all that money.

I use Point of Success on Dell Dimension 3000 PCs, 2 have touch screens by TTX, Epson TM-T88II reciept printers,DigiPoS cash drawer, Epson TM-U220printer for the kitchen all equipment other than the PCs was purchased ( traded pizza for some ) from a local independent computers shop for under $2k.

I looked at the idea of having an ATM in my store but my insurance company shut that down right away. My rates would have increased by 200% if i put an ATM in the store. I would have had to get 20 transactions per day just to pay for the increase in insurance.

I have spoken with a few customers who asked about pin debit, but it has never really been a problem. I don’t know all the technical issues surrounding integration of pin pad functionality, but I’ll look into it. I know that the pin pad isn’t just a standard device, the pin pad has to be encoded for each merchant because the pin number is encrypted before it is sent to the computer.

Piper – Would you call me or send an email to jeffw@inborne.com with more details about your situation? If it really is worth thousands a year in extra fees, it needs to be addressed.

Have you looked into the type of ATM that does not store cash? I have seen just a few of them – The customer swipes their card, gets a receipt, and the cash is given from the register.