POS recomendations solicited

Hi Guys:

This time I am asking you help.

We have some accounts that want us to do a complete turn key instalations.

One area where we lack experience is the POS system.

Rather than just do a web search I would rather have imput from experienced operators as to names of companies and recomendations.

George Mills

Revention and HungerRush OLO. Excellent support 24/7. Will adjust (re-program) system to match your operation, not the other way around. In general, very happy customer. ( One of only two? Canadian customers).

Reckon I & other will push Point of Success, for its ease of use & ease to make minute changes along the way…rarely do I have any tech issues & they are beginning to feature on-line orders…

Best bang 4 the buck!

I’ve used Diamond Touch, Foodman, Micros, SelbySoft & a few others & by far POS is the easiest to use/set-up/change-on-the-fly…

Add in C/C processing, caller ID (mapping is already included) and yer set 2 go!

(Jeff - you can pay me later )

I think that POS are extremely diverse.
if price is NOT an issue and this is going to be a high volume multi station store I would look at revention.
If you are computer literate and have the patience to upload the menu I dont think you can go wrong with point of success
there are alot out there but I would say that those 2 lead the pack in there designed application.
also the point of success guy is here quite often…

Stay far, far away from Diamond Touch


You’ll find more people on the Think Tank using Point of Success than any other system but it’s probably isn’t well suited for what you are doing. Point of Success is great for a do it yourselfer with a bit of computer experience, but if you don’t care to learn all the ins and outs of creating menus and such in the POS system you provide, stick with turn key systems. I would highly recommend looking into Prism by Microworks. They are a very ethical company with a very price competitive system. I know of 5 stores using Prism doing well over a million a year in sales, one of those doing 4 million. A call to Tim Frieda at Microworks will confirm that they are a company that you should seriously consider.

I’m uncomfortable getting in the middle of this discussion but I wanted to be sure you know about all your options.

If you are installing multiple stores using the same concept for each store it is a simple matter to copy an already designed menu for use in another restaurant. Do it once, use it everywhere. Fox’s Pizza Den does this with Point of Success.

If you aren’t interested in being involved in the computer systems there are several extremely qualified Point of Success dealers who can do it all for you. These dealers will do a complete system with hardware, software, setup, menu and 24/7 support while saving enough money to make it very worthwhile.

We are a full service restaurant that does not do delivery, and relatively minimal carry out. We have a large dining room (195 seats), so we have several service stations. We have been using Micros for several years, but I am considering a switch. Pizzas are by far the majority of our business, but we do also have salads, sandwiches, appetizers, beer, wine, retail, etc…

Anyone have thoughts or experience with PosiTouch?

Sorry if this is hijacking… :?

Aldelo is diverse for any type of restaurant, customers include Denny’s, Wendy’s, Bojangles, Popeye’s, Ben & Jerry’s Church’s, Wings,Pizza N Things, and Fox’s Den Pizza. There are as many choices out there as there are price points, beyond that it is all about the service!!!. IMO :slight_smile:

There are lots of options out there. I had National Systems(Dominos old system) for 14 years it was time for an upgrade. I searched for 2 years and demoed most of the popular systems. I chose Revention last year and am very happy with my choice. Im very happy with the system, tech support, and the customization.

Good luck,

I need to say the 24/7 is more like all the time it is up, when it crashes all the phone calls in the world don’t help. I have seen their hunger rush online system down for days in a row. I am sure that company has a lot of happy customers, but when I chose another company to deal with the president actually sent me threatening emails.

I Recommend Pizza Director from Foodtec Solutions. It is on the high end of price, but it does everything i ever dreamed of.

  1. Everything on 1 screen. No going through 3,4,5 screens to modify an item
  2. Caller Id, Mapping (Plots exactly where the house is)
  3. Integrated Credit Card Processing
  4. Integrated Online Ordering
  5. Gift Cards
  6. Surveillance System
  7. Sales Forecasting, Vendor Ordering, Inventory Control,
  8. Call Center capability
  9. ADP Payroll compatibility
  10. Online Training Tutorials
  11. Table/Bar Management.

Their Support Plans range from $900-$2700 a year.
It really is an awesome system and has improved my business substantially.

FOODTEC SOLUTIONS…all the way…I junked a so-called top of the line full service system I invested over $25k in about 4 yrs ago for Foodtec in July and could not be happiers. Its features have definitely helped me grow my business even in this economy. In addition to the items Rob mentioned below our makeline screens instead of pushing paper tickets has made us alot more efficient. We seat 150 and do takeout & delivery. We were able to increase our delivery area because of their incredible mapping features. It’s not cheapest but it is the best in my opinion.

PS I have no affiliation with them besides being a happy customer

Thanks Guys:
You Have been a great help.
George Mills