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We are currently with HungerRush, and have been since 2013. We looked into switching POS companies last year but tentatively resolved our concerns with HungerRush and kept them. Fast forward a year later, they have failed to make good on their promises, and we are back in the market.

We have demoed with Speedline and really liked their product. My only concern is they don’t really have an integrated kitchen display system. Does anyone use their recommended third party KDS that can provide me with photos or video of how it works? I would really appreciate it.

Any other DELCO friendly POS companies out there that others use?

Thank you in advance!

Speedline uses QSR for their Kitchen Display Screens. We are on the old hardware from QSR (started with it in 2013). We currently use it for line item, which means we can bump an individual item off of the screen instead of having to wait to bump off an entire ticket. I also have 3 screens set up for the kitchens. One for pizza related items, one for subs/salads and one for the fryer. I can see 24 items per screen and it will also tell me how many items are waiting on the next screen behind those items. The keypad is very customizable, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a touch screen module available by now.

QSR wrote code specifically for speedline and it does work flawlessly, day in and day out.

I’m not so sure my pictures would do much justice since it’s the old hardware that isn’t offered any more. I believe what they are selling now is CSK

Here are some pics of mine when I had it.

We use the Line Item Format on our makelines. We use Prism by Microworks.

Every one seems to use the whole order format on their makelines, I honestly dont get why most places prefer that way. The only benefit I really like, is the ability to see the other items being made at other stations.

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I have been with Foodtec for almost 15yrs. It’s not cheap but for delivery especially it kicks ass & the KDS works great. The offer everything so it’s really one stop shopping.
This is a pic of my pizza bump (we use 12 fixed boxes per page here)

This is a pic of my grill bump (we use a dynamic format based on items here)

KDS is very customizable

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this is useful information