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Looking to switch POS companies. I have Harbortouch right now and I like it but they refuse to allow integration so 3rd party online ordering sites can automatically print thru my POS system. Currently we pay two people hourly to enter each order in manually from Eat 24, Grubhub, and UberEats. I’ll save $108/day in labor by switching to another company. Being in SF, 70% of our orders are online orders so this integration would allow us to add even more 3rd party online ordering companies and reduce our labor, thus growing our business exponentially.

I don’t understand why Harbortouch doesn’t allow integration, as soooo many others do and claim it’s really easy to setup on their end.

Any suggestions on a different POS Company? I’ve heard Speedline and Firefly are great but would love to hear other suggestions as well and they must have the delivery driver feature but I think most do at this point anyway. Thanks in advance fellas!

Speedline from me. Just works all day every day. And on the rare occasion when something doesn’t work they go into full overdrive until it does work. I’m not sure if they integrate will all those companies but they have been adding a lot of them lately.

Thanks buddy. What’d you pay for it anyway?

You are looking at about $2500 for each station for the computer, monitor and the terminal software. I dont remember how much they charge for install. But somewhere around $500 to $700 per day plus travel expence.
Other software you may need: Inventory 1K
Credit card software is extra. Don’t remember how much
The remote access software is extra
Ticket printers. $350 each.

We put together a 5 station store 2 years ago and it was 19K. That was with a self install which they will not do with a new customer.

Ouch. Sounds like you need integration real bad. The savings of integration will pay for itself quickly .

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Im a huge fan of my speedline system and of the company that sold it to me. (north country business products) that being said they recently stopped supporting the speedline system and I have had to deal with speedline directly. I can’t tell you how their service is because there service plan is just too expensive for me to justify at this time. I actually had this discussion with another member of the forum that has multiple locations and we both agreed its just too pricey. maybe @Jennifer@SpeedLine can help us out with that?

Speedline. Feel free to message me with any questions I’ve been through a lot with them and they’ve been great throughout

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Thanks Steve. Lots of Speedline love in here wow!

What do they charge for online orders?

They integrate with 3rd party vendors. You can select from 6 or so different companies. We use Brygid and pay about .30 per order but that is with about 6000 online orders per month. You get a much more functional and customized website by doing it this way. I have some competitors in my area that use the $99 a month setups and they are not good.

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Brygid and not Chowly for TOOS?

Chowly integrates all the 3rd parties together so it’s able to be sent right to your POS. We don’t use chowly but use Brygid instead. We’re now making money on online orders as opposed to paying out.

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Which 3rd party vendors do you use with Brygid?

At this point no one. They are not a thing down here in trailer land. Everyone orders directly from out website. We do have Doordash in our areas right now and have gotten a few call in orders from them. They pay full price and some dude comes by and picks it up. We pay no commission.

Almost missed my name there, Tom. Thanks for the positive comment. I hear you: nobody likes recurring fees, but when you need support, you need it. You know your own situation, but we review call history and upgrade costs with customers all the time. Most find they save by subscribing (more than 90% are regular subscribers). On our side, it comes down to our ongoing investment in support, development, and PCI. Subscribing gets you support, upgrades, and training as you need it.
If you have questions or feedback, message me any time.

I understand. I was able to save some money with North Country by only having support Monday through Friday 9am - 6pm I know its no ideal but it worked for me and it was affordable. Maybe that’s something the big wigs at speedline would be willing to look into? We aren’t a pizza place that does big numbers so I am always looking to save.

I bought a 7 terminal Revention system in 2015. Cost around $20-25k. Well worth the expense. I love the system. Former system was from Granbury Restaurant solutions…wasn’t a fan at all, but they were going through a merger at the time so maybe they have it together now.

I also like my 3 terminal Revention system, cost of about 11k. Online ordering is a breeze to keep updated and the customers love it.