I am in need of a POS system for our busy shop. We have a limited menu, 18" Pies, Slices, Subs, Salads, Bread Stix and beverage. We are counter service, with dine- in, Carry Out, pick-up and will be adding delivery in the next few months. Would like a simple system that allows for:

  1. Real-time Labor/Sales
  2. Promise Times & Ticket Time Monitoring
  3. Online Ordering Interface
  4. Delivery Dispatch
  5. Ability for cashier to send items to specific food prep stations (Pies, Slices and then when in oven…bump ticket to Expo).
  6. Build a customer database with order history
  7. Loyalty Program Tracking
    Gift Card (Paper or Card)
  8. Caller ID, which identifies past customers
  9. Easy to run labor, sales, inventory reports
    10… Ability to customize orders
  10. Ability to track tickets for fundraising events, which entail a % of sales donation.

I have a system sitting in my shop, but the company is telling me that what I am asking for (above), is asking for “everything under the sun”. This was their statement to me to say, after a 2-month install, with still no operating system. Just need an efficient and stable system to meet the needs of a small shop.

Point of Success will cover you on all of your list.

Thanks Daddio, question - I want to use video displays at each prep station, no printers. Can Point of Success handle this and is there special hardware needs (QSR) & Bump Bars. Really just want the cooks to be able to hit (bump) on the screen, when the product goes in oven…then the ticket appears on Expo screen and then when ready to serve Expo bumps and…ALL DONE>

It does have a kitchen monitor feature but since I don’t use it I’m not sure of the details of the feature.

Point of Success does support a kitchen monitor and the tickets can be bumped with a touch screen. On the kitchen monitor you bump an item or an order when prep is complete. The expo station will need to use tickets.