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my point of sale system is just about fried and I’m wondering if I can build my own? My question is does any company make just software you can load into your own hardware? and if so what is a good software product for pizza operations? Thanks for your help!

Point of Success is popular with several members of the Think Tank. I chose them because they are a software solution built by people who have been in the pizza industry, and you can supply your own hardware.

Be certain that any hardware you have or purchase has the necessary specs ( OS, Ram, processor speed) to run the software that you decide on. You also need to consider how much do you want to do on your own as far as learning the software and setting it up with your specifics. Will the software company help you and what is the cost for that service.

i’ve been a big supporter of Point of Success and have used most of the majors…I’d never use anything else, from a service point of view or a business…and I used recycled Dell pc’s…

I’m also happily in the Point of Success boat, I even had the pleasure of Beta Testing Ver 3.0
I currently have 2 stations running, on a pair of Dell refurb Win-7 Pro desktops through the wal-mart website for less than $200.00 each,
they each have HP 21" touchscreens, Star printers, (thermal 2-color, & Impact) APG cash drawers, and laser barcode scanners for pre-packaged merchandise, all for very little initial cash outlay.
Before I had my 2nd terminal, I ran 2 separate cash drawers off one terminal so I could have multiple cashiers with zero sharing of drawers, easy stuff, and great system.

Point of Success was the first POS system I ever had experience with, I was able to program everything myself quite quickly and easily.

I learned of them through this website too.


I am not a reseller… I use this in my Store… I dropped the crappy windows based stuff and bought two ipads and use this just fine… much cheaper then traditional stuff.

I am curious about how the system interfaces with printers or how you get information to the make line.

From what I have seen with Ipad Based systems like Revel is that they interface with printers using WIFI or Bluetooth. They use Ipads for the kitchen monitor/make line. I have played with the big IPAD based POS systems Revel (ODD FACT they used to be called ISIS pos, they changed the name before ISIS became a problem), NCR Silver, Breadcrumb POS, POS Lavu. A few of them (Revel POS and POS Lavu) are packed with features and functionality. The compliant/problem I see with a cloud based pos is twofold.

  1. You don’t own the data, they can say you do but if the company goes belly up and shuts down your left with either RAW data or nothing at all. And (just speculating here) but if the company does shut down you might be left with little or no warning.
  2. They are based on a monthly subscription most are at least 60.00 per month per station for just the software. That can add up to a lot over time, and you supply the equipment. Additionally, if they change the price or increase it you really don’t have a choice but to pay the increases since they really have you locked in.
    Disclaimer, I am a dealer for “Traditional Windows based POS”

right it goes through WIFI… from the ipad to the printers… you can just wire your printers into a router or hub…

Revel was NOT ISIS… ISIS is a totally different company and I believe they went under now…

  1. VERY True… They do give you the ability to export stuff for your records.

  2. REVEL costs me 100 per month… But I was paying for my last POS system $125 for a Granberry POS… (Cant think of the name). I havent seen an increase yet but this is true with any POS service that offers Cloud backup which some of the windows based POS’s do as well.

The one plus for me was it was cheap for Everything… Plus Revel works well with PIZZA, allowing split pizzas and stuff like that… I use it in a QSR but they have options for sitdown, take out and delivery… plus Ipads hold their value… so when I closed one of my stores I was still able to sell the ipads for almost what I paid for them.

Your right, ISIS pos became aireus POS (see link below). I got confused because this conversation jogged my memory that there was a POS named ISIS, then I typed it into google and they set their heading as
"ISIS POS - Revel POS" so its a little deceiving :slight_smile:
They dont have anything to do with ISIS obviously, just thought it was crazy/a terrible coincidence that you would name your software something then a major terrorist group comes along named the same thing.

LOL tell me about it… kinda bad timing for that name…

I tried ISIS too and did not like it…