Pos system for an established restaurant

We have been open for about 15 years we do well in a small town. We are looking into getting a system to save time on order taking and adding up orders. Our problem isn’t the volume of orders more the size of the order when we get it. There is a national guard training center outside of town and we can get hit with multiple 30 item orders within minutes. The pens and the paper aren’t cutting it. Any suggestions where to start? I’ll take anything a top 5 companies to go with.

I’m sure Point of Success will come up somewhere in this thread, but I thought I’d tell you about a new version we just released. If your needs are simple you should look at Point of Success Special Edition. It’s totally free and supports two workstations. It’s not designed specifically for pizzerias like Point of Success Premium, but free is a pretty good price!

You can see it at http://www.freerestaurantsoftware.com

If you can be specific about your needs I can tell you if Special Edition is a good fit.

Whatever system you choose, I would make sure it has integrated online ordering. It would sure help if even a few of these 30 item orders were done online rather than on the phone.

I posted a response to the Pizzaguynj about this same topic. We looked into numerous POS companys and finally went with Transpay Merchant Services (gotranspay.com). They are a resellar of PC America’s Restaurant Express. The software has a wonderful pizza module and it supports online ordering. The price was great compared to the other systems we looked at and they helped me get a monthly payment I could afford.