POS System - Touch Dynamic?

Anyone ever use this POS System in the past? I’ve not heard of them and I’m looking into a pizzeria that uses this currently and could save a bit of startup costs by keeping their system for the time being. Any feedback would be great, thanks!

Touch Dynamic is only a hardware manufacturer, not a point of sale software. The hardware is good however, depending on how old it is.
You have to find out which software they’re using.

Thanks Steve. I found this out shortly after I posted this as well. Any software you’d recommend for Touch Dynamic btw? Would need one that integrates with 3rd party online ordering sites of course and a delivery driver function.

I know with Point of Success you’ll be able to use existing equipment and it offers online ordering and delivery.
Few other considerable options are Speedline, FoodTec & Prism, but I don’t know if anyone will let you use existing equipment.
Good Luck :slight_smile:

Hi, Joe. Yes, depending on the age of the equipment, you may well be able to reuse the POS stations, along with printers, cash drawers, etc. We can also connect all your third-party ordering sites, help you with your own branded site if you like, and manage your delivery service. We would do a full hardware review, but if you’re just gathering info at this point, let me know if you’d like to see minimum hardware specs. - Jennifer@SpeedLine

Thanks Jennifer. Would Speedline offer their software then if I kept the Touch Dynamic hardware? The system is a Breeze AIO model in good shape. Please let me know if this would be possible, thanks.

As long as they meet our minimum specs, sure. If you want to PM me your contact info, I can put one of our product reps in touch to do a hardware review for you. Thanks, Joe.

As important as this is today I would strongly suggest that you DO NOT go with third party ordering. Step up and get a system with a fully integrated online system. The fees you save will quickly pay the difference.

Appreciate the feedback as always old friend. I do both. I use the 3rd party sites during the slow times for added revenue and I turn them off during peak times.

Point of Success will work on any modern hardware running a modern Windows operating system. Some of our dealers do use Touch Dynamics hardware as well as other name brand hardware. The system requirements page on our website explains the very modest requirements for hardware. https://www.pointofsuccess.com/restaurant-point-of-sale-hardware-requirements/ Point of Success can be purchased through an authorized dealer or now direct from our website.