POS system

I am looking to replace my POS and am looking for reccomendations for my high volume delco. I realize that many here reccomend Point of Sucess, and I will check them out, but looking for other systems to check out as well. System must be able to print box labels and have a makeline monitor rather than printed tickets. Thanks in advance.

I switched to point of success back in april and wish i had done it sooner… download their free demo and check it out. The service has been great as well, Unlike rockland technology who i had before. Another pizzeria owner friend of mine had diamond touch (rockland technology) and was extremely dissatisfied, and after using it for a couple years, recently switched to Micros, and seems to be happy with it.

Ditto the Point od Success…easy 2 set up…great accounting reports…has your box ticket & make line monitor…easy 1 button build-a-pizza…I hated SelbySoft & Diamond Touch…I can make simple changes on the fly w/o calling 4 service…street database was just imported & features MS map system…easy 2 route drivers…I ran a College store & wish I had this then…

I use Angel Computer Software, which is created by Robert V Hamm Ph# (253) 584-5989 10620 Idlewild Rd SW, Lakewood, WA 98498
This system was in every Godfather’s up until the shut them down. He can put together a reasonable system for you for very little.
What I like about it the most is, that it runs on DOS, rather than windows, which means your employees can’t download video games, or music, or access the internet and get all kinds of viruses. These systems are virtually flawless, and run on a simple Pentium 166mgz with less than 2 megs of hard drive space, which you can buy for less than $50.

It offers you a time clock function w/ time clock reports, you have inventory with inventory reports, Ideal inventory with reports, you can opt for touchscreen order taking, or manual entry, you can have separate dispatch printers, or use only one. You can have between 3 and 10 terminals. It is a pretty simple system.

You can set up a late dispatch structure, so that the dispatch screen flashes for orders over the time you set it at. And It will generate a mailing label for these orders, if you want to apologize for the wait.

You can print mailing labels from your database, based on parameters you set. Like over 30 days, Over 60 days, Over 90 days, Over 10 orders, Over $200 Dollars, Etc.

You can export your data to another computer, as well you can modem in from home, and export the data from each store, or remotely check on your store.

There is a back door set in the system, so you can view orders that your employees put into the computer, but did not send through the system, either by canceling, or abandoning the order, this allows you to watch your employees, and see who might be stealing.

Anyway as you can see I am totally sold on this system, I have been using it for 15 years now. It still does everything, I want it to do. As well, Robert offers Support for about $30/mo. and will replace any item that goes bad. And he is open to new Ideas, so if you have something you really desire in the program that make operational sense, he will incorporate your idea in the next free upgrade.