POS Systems...looking for advice for a new one

We are (again) looking for a new POS system for our restaurant. We used Clover a couple of years ago, but it was not easy to differentiate half pie toppings, etc (so we had to type everything out manually). Then we got Aldelo (through Super PC), and we have had a lot of problems, from the system would automatically change some of the zip codes and towns for customers’ addresses that were already in the system. It has also started to remove delivery fees associated with certain addresses (towns). The tech people that we have been dealing with said that they had to start our database all over back in December, because that correct the problems. They did that (we lost a lot of our customer addresses and all of our customer order history). Now we are still having the same problems, and their new suggestion is to call the street something different in different towns (ie. Main Street East Brunswick - and Main Street"." in New Brunswick - and Main Street “Q” in South Brunswick, etc. etc. We can also turn off the feature that saves the addresses and have to type street address (and town and zip) for every single order. (This is not why I wanted to get a POS system). Does anyone have suggestions for POS systems? One of features that we are looking for is a database that allows us to capture name, address, phone and email address (and more) and be able to follow up with customers who have not been in for a while. Maybe run a report for customers not here in the last month, 2 months, 6 months, etc and send an email along with a coupon or something. We are in a hurry to get this moving and we are located in central NJ. If someone has info, and they would like to call me, I can be reached at 732-690-2350. Thanks in advance.


and its probably not a good idea to put your Phone number on here for the whole universe to see.

All the features you mentioned are pretty standard with any decent system. If you already have hardware, I would suggest researching what POS systems are compatible and go from there. That will save you a lot of the up front costs.

We’ve been using Prism by Microworks for over 10 years. Their customer support is outstanding and we find it’s very user friendly. You can message me if you have any other questions.

Been using Prism as well. It’s not my favorite interface, and I don’t think the backend is very intuitive or easy to figure out, but their support is top notch. System has never gone down, and if there has ever been an issue (rare), their response is immediate. Rock solid system.

Me, too- the benefits pirate mentioned were more important to me than all the bells & whistles.
Agree with all his comments, as well, but they are always there to help and seem happy to do so…
that’s so important to me.

Another prism user here. No complaints and excellent customer support

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19 years with Prism. If I were starting over from scratch I would not even look at anything else. They are that good. You get what you pay for.

I’m a Prism user as well and while I’ll say it mostly works, I’d look long and hard at all of the pizza oriented POS systems. Speedline, PDQ, Foodtech and maybe a few others would be on my list if I was starting over.

I just want to throw out Speedline Solutions for you. They are the most professional company we’ve ever dealt with in any aspect, business or personal. They’re system is great and loaded with features. Having their system has certainly held is grow more than we could have imagined

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My vote is for Foodtec…their technology only seems to improve as the years go by (had them for approx 10yrs now). I think they really stand out if you offer delivery. The DeliveryIQ app for drivers is amazing and their online ordering is incredible. I like the fact that is is one-stop shopping since they do your online ordering, website (where you can track your delivery orders), mobile app, email marketing, etc. We use bump screens in the kitchen which are more efficient as well. Never had any issues and service is top-notch. Definitely not the cheapest but you get what you pay for in this case…highly recommend!

I have “point of success”. $800 bucks for 2 computers. Buy your own equipment. I love it. Easiest POS to teach an employee to use also. I recommend not buying from the company. There service is long winded and expensive.
Buy it from “A Custom POS”. I just went down the list of dealers, and they were the first to answer the phone. I couldn’t be happier with there service and knowledge.

What are the costs for prism and foodtech?? Roughly?

Speedline for 3 terminals and installation I think is about 16-17k

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Foodtec solutions customer for 12 years. Has all the bells and whistles.
Remember : You get what you pay for

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Definitely, foodtec was our second choice when narrowing down. This was 5 years ago so I can’t speak for what they’ve added since. At that time, we felt Speedline was our best choice and we’ve been extremely happy with them. You always get what you pay for. If I remember right, Foodtec was about 3-4k higher at the time

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Speedline is AMAZING!!! Easiest company to deal with. Support is great. Training is simple, I had the entire staff trained in about a week. Reporting can’t be beat.

Recently switched from Revention to Speedline. Foodtech was the other system i was seriously looking at. Personal reasons why i went with Speedline over Foodtech, nothing technical and nothing bad against them.

I have been very happy with Speedline. I had them setup the initial install, then i did everything else. I have database experience so setting up the menu and inventory system was easy for me.

We use Revention, very easy interface and easy to teach employees. 24/7 customer support. Their system allows your online orders to go directly into your system and they set it up for you. The total cost for 4 computers, one tablet and two bump screen setups was 15k including 1 day install.