POS Systems...Where do I start?

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Here is another question asked for the millionth time. I have a carry out, devlivery pizza place and want to buy a POS system. Talked to Revention so far…I don’t want to spend 23K. I also want the company to do some custom programming to suit my needs. How many terminals do you guys have versus pizza volume and phone lines…do they make things faster, therefore needing less phone help on busy nights?

Let me know what you think of what you are currently using. I like Reventions all in one unit, it cuts down on a lot of cords and clutter. Who else offers that?



I’m qualified to discuss the hardware so here we go!

Every company that sells turnkey systems offers all-in-one POS computers. This hardware is good because it takes less space than a component system and it looks very professional. These systems are designed for restaurants and retail environments so they usually work well. The biggest downside is that you will typically get a computer that doesn’t perform as well for the money when comparing it to a component system. If you’re willing to pay attention to dusting out the computer case every now and then with canned air, a component system will be faster and save you money.

Here are a few all-in-one computer suppliers if you’d like to look at this hardware on the web:

POS World at http://www.posworld.com/touch-screen-terminal.html
POS Micro at http://www.posmicro.com/pos-computer.htm
Barcodes Inc. at http://www.barcodesinc.com/cats/pos-workstations/

And hundreds more if you search Google for “pos hardware”

I won’t talk about the software because I may have a conflict of interest. :wink:

I have had our new pos since early December and I can’t believe we waited so long to purchase one. (I’ve been in business since 1983) No more written orders for me. We are faster, more accurate, and so much easier to work a busy night. I looked at many companies and narrowed it down to 2… Signature Systems and Microworks. Both companies were very good as far as I’m concerned, salesmen were very helpful and there was no pressure to purchase. The process took just over 1 year for me. I went with Signature Systems and have been very happy thus far. I have 3 phone lines . I have 3 terminals (I’m going to add another in the spring). I went with all in one units and I love them. They came with a 3 year warranty as opposed to 1 year with the other hardware. The difference for me was the software. Signatures was more pizza specific and easier to use for me. The tech that came to install and train was OK. Nothing special… got things done answered all questions. Tech support has been outstanding so far. There have been minor issues and things I needed help with and they have been very helpful and I have always been able to talk to someone except for once I left a message they called back 15 minutes later. Added high speed internet and creditcard processing is a breeze. Authorization in 3 seconds. Gift cards are great so much more professional than hand written gift certificates. Anyway take your time and ask alot of questions.
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hands down point of success is the best on the market for price and customer support
love my system and did i mention the price no one can touch it
hope this helps

Hi Tony,

I think there are a number of good hardware suppliers out there. The key to a successful transition to a POS System is in the support you get before AND after the sale. I can only suggest that you talk with several vendors and determine whether their support will fit your needs. Will they be able to deliver in your time frame? Most POS Vendors have a questionnaire that is a helpful tool for you. It may well have questions on it that you have not even considered.

Best of Luck in your search :smiley:

If you have interest, knowledge and skill in setting up your own hardware, then Point of Success is your huckleberry. I saved thousands by getting together my own components and wrangling them into place. It took a little more of my own time, but I know my systems, can do general hardware support . . . and have a local system expert I can call for phone support for a couple pizzas.

It can be frustrating, they don’t offer intense hardware support, and you gotta know something yourself to make the savings work. If you can plan and hunt down good used equipment, then Point of Success will meet many of your needs. There will be the odd functionality that it does not provide. The online Discussion forum for Point of Success is also a big added value of operators who use the system and can help with practical solutions.

MAKE A LIST of the functions you must have and start your search from there. Find a way to see a demo of each one, and get demo versions to see what it does for you. Decide how much is too much. You can get talked into a big outlay of cash if no budget is set out. I paid less than $3K building my two stations, and can have another online and ready for about $600 to $700 more. 3 stations for a turnkey 2 years ago cheapest was $15K IIRC

My Point of Success goes live in two days and I have 4 computers running for a total investment of less than 2K. Used computers that I already had, plus one from a friend that he didn’t want and one from freecycle that I can use to add a third order station in the near future. Got my monitors off of Staples.com by watching for daily specials for $100 and then using reward cards to get them for about $75 delivered. If you can take your time and look for good deals, you can save a ton of cash by putting together your own systems.