POS Systems with Windows 7

I bought a POS system in 2014 for my first store and the same system in 2017 for my second store.
First store closed in 2018 after billionaire bought the building and evicted everyone. About to reopen in location near that closed location. POS company now tells me my system I had in storage, that i want restarted in the new store, is now unusable because it’s windows 7 based and no longer supported. They said I have to buy an entire new system.
They said second location that I bought the system in 2017, will also need to be replaced.

Anyone else having this told to them with Windows 11 coming out??

No, but OS shouldn’t have anything to do with it. I’d upgrade to windows 10 and run your system. Their system may not be ready for windows 11 yet. Good luck

+1 to what Steve said

POS company said they could not update their system to windows 11. I don’t get it.

Who’s this POS company. I feel like you’re going to say revention

Yes. Revention.
We just don’t understand why our system can’t just be upgraded.
Why we need new hardware makes no sense to us.
Just can’t believe that we are the only ones dealing with this.

From what I’ve heard about revention, they are terrible to do business with. They are trying to get to buy something unnecessary

Because Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, the operating system is not PCI DSS compliant anymore.

Windows 11 has strict hardware requirements, needing newer motherboards, so older computers simply cannot upgrade to it, but Windows 7 computers should be able to upgrade to Windows 10, which will be supported by Microsoft until 2025.

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If you have R3315 terminals, they are fully capable of running windows 10.