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We are currently using Clover (since we opened almost 2 years ago) as our POS system, and we would like to change. We are looking for recommendations either good or bad (to learn what other operators like or don’t like and why). Some of the features we are looking to have are: database of our customers (pulling up their name, address, etc by a phone number); their order history to help us see if they haven’t been in for x time and what kind of food they usually get to help us offer a coupon; online ordering; inventory tracking; employee time clock (with reports for payroll); easy to use; multiple printers for different stations; they install our menu along with modifiers; to mention some ofnthe most important things.

I can’t recommend A Custom pos highly enough for there service alone. The use the point of success platform and have reasonable lease rates that cover everything.

Just to be clear A Custom POS is a vendor for Point of Success.

We bought a Canadian developed one (BEST POS) when we opened 5 years ago. I’ve tweaked it to work nicely for us and can’t justify spending on a new one. There are some great features I could imagine having that others offer but it’s not worth the $$ for our small scale shop. They’ve just added a gorgeous online ordering app that Im seriously considering though after I visited their booth at pizza expo - that’d fix some of the issues I have with the POS in itself and its nice as it integrates directly into the POS system.

I have one of the higher end systems.

It does all you are looking for and some.

Do your homework as there are tons of systems out there and there are a lot of costs involved.

I always stress that online ordering be integrated with the pos system.

I pay a yearly support fee along with a monthly fee for online orders. On occasion I need to replace hardware but it’s not that often.

Pm me if you need more details…

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Have a look through the POS forum for lots of posts.

Anyone try some of the iPad based pos like revel or shopkeep?

There are some threads about that in the POS forum as well.