POS that can also handle retail - Point of Success?

I tried searching threads with no luck, so forgive me if anyone has already discussed this.

We operate in a rural location and just under 50% of our business (for now) is in retail items (carryout alcohol, soda, grocery items, tobacco, ect.) We are currently using Comcash, a system that has worked well for our other carryout that we owned before buying the pizza shop. We have modified the system for pizza, but it is glitchy and hard to do things like retrieve customer information. I can’t say much bad about it, because it’s actually working well over it’s head from what it was designed for. But I would still like to have something more pizza/restaurant specific. Right now I have to do all my food costing by hand via excel spreadsheets. I want a POS system that can track this for me, without losing the ability to track my inventory and costs for other items.

The only POS I have seen so far that mentions bar code scanning is Point of Success. But I haven’t seen anything about it’s inventory management or other tracking capabilities. I know many people probably use it for bottled and 2 liter sodas. Would you recommend it if you had a larger percent of your sales via bar code scanner?


I would think you could use Point of Success as you are planning. I would call them and ask questions. Jeff and the gang there are very helpful when it comes to designing a method that fits. Their number is 800-752-3565

Aldelo POS has the ability to provide retail as well. It also has pizza builder, bar code scanning and inventory. Contact me if you need more information. (Aldelo reseller). Good luck in your search!

Thank you. I’ll look into it.

We do a bunch of merchandise out of here, and Point of Success is great with it. We added a laser barcode scanner and have had flawless performance.
I’ve got a friend downloading the trial version to try it out at his rental business, I expect him to upgrade to premium after playing with it for a bit.

Hint; Do not waste your time on an LED barcode scanner, get the laser model. I was able to snag a few USB laser barcode scanner off eBay for $25 each that we’ve been running for a few years now

Look into SpeedLine Solutions. We haven’t had them long, just over a year, but we have not had any issues at all. Their system is fully customizable. Online Ordering, conversational ordering, simple menu changes, etc.

Now, I’m not sure about barcode scanning. I do not see why they wouldn’t have it, it’s just not something that we use. I know they have an inventory management feature as well. Another nice feature is “LiveMaps”. Any delivery shows up on a TV connected either VGA or HDMI (Depending on the hardware you select). When a driver logs out a delivery it disappears off the screen.

There are so many great features to Speedline. We are opening another store next month and have went with Speedline again.

If you decide to look into it, contact Jeff Hickey; JHickey@SpeedlineSolutions.com

His responses are very prompt and he knows the features inside and out.


Just following up, how did your friend like it? I think I’m leaning towards Point of Success.

Haven’t been in touch with him for a bit, he’s got trade shows happening, and we are way above our average sales for this time of year,

There is a system called coffee shop manager that is designed for food operations and retail abilities. I dont remember the website. But I know it is called Coffee Shop Manager

We’re having Point of Success installed by William on Tuesday!

I believe you’re going to love it as much as I have.
Sign up for the roundtable forum on the POS website right away, lots of good info there, and some great tips/tricks too

Joe at Home Town or anyone else who would like to help,

Hope you are well. I am in the same position as you. 50% of our business is retail sales and 50% pizza and sandwiches. In the last year we finally bit the bullet and purchased a POS system for our store. We have only been in business 30 years…We thought we did plenty of research, but the software that we purchased is garbage. We were assured that it would work perfectly for our pizza and retail needs. Retail it works fine, but it does not work properly for pizza ordering. We are now at the point where we need to replace this P.O.S. POS.

I wanted to know how the new system is working for you regarding retail and food service? I would love to pick your brain on this.



I’ll answer your PM here in case it helps others. I’m incredibly happy with Point of Success. You will want to purchase the Inventory add on. In hindsight, I would just input every item new into it from scratch. We set up a way to just import all items from my other POS’s database, but the systems were so different that I ended up going back and changing things and spent just as much time as I probably would have anyway. But now things don’t look exactly the way I want them to like they would if I had just input them myself. I ran into a few glitches in the beginning that I can’t remember what they were off the top of my head. I think though that they were just from changing my mindset from my old system to the new. I like the new system much better, especially when I deal with the old system at our other location that is just a general store only. Eventually, I’d like to switch it over to Point of Success too, but the other system works just well enough that it’s not worth the hassle right now. But it runs on old technology and Point of Success is what we need going forward. The only thing I wish it had that our old one had would be a look-up function right from the sales screen to look up pricing on an item without scanning it. But that is a very minor thing and you can look it up with a few clicks to the manager program. The only other thing I would like to see better is for the reports to be a little easier to tweak to my liking. They offer custom report building for a charge. But really, with how much cheaper the system is from comparable systems, I could probably buy dozens and dozens of custom reports and still come out ahead.

I can’t vouch for the delivery system as we are carryout and dine in only. But from what I have seen of it, it seems to have a pretty good system in place and many other people seem quite happy with it.

I don’t know how their distributors break down regionally, but my contact through A Custom POS, William, came highly recommended and they weren’t exaggerating. He has been an amazing help getting everything set up and answering all my dumb questions at all hours of the day or night. Even if he doesn’t serve your area, I see many company reps on this board and their own messageboard community being very helpful with all kinds of situations.

I haven’t activated online ordering yet, but it seems like a good deal. I’m always a little cautious when I’m only given one option, Big Hollar, to tie into the POS, but all the research I’ve done on it seems like it’s a good option. People seem to like it and it seems just as if not more affordable than all the other options out there.

The customer recall system is pretty good. I wish there was a way to combine customers in the system though without deleting. For example, they call and we take their phone number. They may give us the house phone one call and their cell the next time and we don’t realize it until later. We could always just delete the entry and add the number to the other, but then I would lose the order history. But that is a minor thing for us.

Mercury is their preferred provider and I think you need to buy an add-on to use someone else, but we already used Mercury and were happy with them so it was a seamless transition for us.

I think that answers all your questions. If not let me know and I’ll get back to you. Overall, I’m very happy with how it handles both aspects of our business and strongly recommend it to anyone who asks. You can download and use the basic version for free if I recall correctly. Actually, be sure to verify all of this I’m saying with a sales rep. I could be wrong on some things, but that’s how I remember setting it all up.

Good luck. And let us know what you come up with.


Thanks for the kind words, and we are happy your happy with our service.
There is a way to combine customers, and if you give me a call sometime this week I can show you.

We don’t have regions/territories and we service the entire United States, in some cases like Joe’s we can do everything remotely but we also come onsite as well. If you would like more information or a demonstration of the software feel free to reach out to me anytime. I sent you a PM.


A Custom POS

There is a way. On the server computer go to Start > Programs > Point of Success > Support Utility > Utilities tab > Customer Merge.

This system looks great but wish it would have the option to operate via MAC/iPad.

P.O.S. server needs a PC but set up Big Holler & telecomute in if need be, but pc hardware is so cheap, get a few slaves too…I also use my Asuz win10 pad…

William is a great guy! I work with him!

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