POS Thermal Paper

Hi All,

Just wanted to check how much everyone is paying for their thermal paper rolls.

We are currently paying 59.00 for 3ply 50 rolls. The length is 65 feet.

Please include plys for others to use as reference along with length and price.

I think we are paying too much, I always see many here pricing cheese but never POS roll.


The website I’ve always used changed their pricing/shipping so now a case 50 rolls of 220’ thermal paper is $47.22 if I buy 11 cases and use their emailed coupon. I used to have a workaround on their website that would save me $3-$4 per case but it doesn’t work with their new pricing/shipping structure. I’ll have to shop around again to see how this price compares after their changes.


You can also check out Gorilla paper.

I found that my food supplier had a good deal a few years back. When you include shipping cost. We pay $56 for the thermal 220’ and $37 for the 2 ply 90’. I could probably get a better deal on the thermal but not enough to spend my time on.

I like pospaper.com $57 for 50 roles of 230’ Its also Phenol, BPS, and BPA free. I’m not a fan of touching poisons. The poison paper is a buck cheaper.

Amazon, buy whatevers cheapest right now $45
50 rolls 230’

I am pretty sure the price went up in August, but these are longer rolls I found at Pizza Expo

T318308 - 3 1/8"x308 10+ cases = $52.75

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