We have an SP1 (selbysoft) and it’s really expensive - paid $10K for 2 initial stations and we’re looking at $4500 to add 2 more.

Is there another less expensive system out there? We’re using touch screens, credit card swipes and the integrated timeclock function. Just checking before we invest this much. We’re running about $8K/week on 2 stations and it’s really tough.

Are you happy with this software? I’m assuming that the other two stations for 4500 includes the hardware, is that correct?

personally, I hate the folks @ Selby…system is ok…used it, then switched…when I left, they switched back & repaid boocoo $$$ -

I’d say go w/something else…

I really like pos from summit and boy was the price right

Do you really need 2 more stations? We were pushing $15k in 6 days before we expanded and got a POS…we have 4 stations now but we do at least 3x more business

After reading all the responses, yes I gotta say we don’t love Selbysoft. The program is awkard, the reporting horrible and there is no flexibility at all (in the program or service).

We only have 2 stations that are used for timeclock, orders, and drivers checking out deliveries. On a busy Friday-Saturday-Sunday, the phones do not let up for 3-4 hours straight. Yeah, it’s tough to get the drivers in the check out deliveries when the computers are tied up with order taking. Add to that, I was the brainiac that decided to put in 3 phone lines and 2 computers to start. That 3rd line gets the order taken on paper and I worry about it getting made.

Anyway, we decided the expense was too much so we’re going to figure out process changes to deal.

I just thought if there was another system we could dump this on for that we would be happier with we just might do it. I check out the ones mentioned and see what happens! Thanks.

i just upgraded to point of success and really like it. the people there are helpful and easy to work with. i went to staples to get the computers and monitors (i opted not to go touch screen. if you want touch screen, check out posworld.com, that’s where i picked up the receipt printers) buying your own hardware will save you a lot of dough…as long as you or someone you know can set up your network and help get everything going.

In our small shop we are using/testing L’ane (donkey in french).

It’s free/open software. You can have as many terminals as you like. Even remote ones (in another physical location).

If you have someone that knows his way with computers and you are on a very tight budget this is a great option.

This software is not very comprehensive but it might work for you. The guys that programmed the software offer a paid version that includes support and other things. Give it a look.


Do any of you that use Point of Success have online ordering? If so, do you have to integrate that with a company that does the online ordering or does Point of Success have that feature?