can anyone give me a name for a inexpensive pos for a beginner

Point of Succes. I’m sure there will be more people jumping on the point of success bandwagon, but it’s the best one out there when considering price as a major focus. It does 90% of what the most expensive pos you can buy, and it’s 1/6 of the price.

I have to agree. I have been using it for over three years and have never had any major issues. They have a good users forum that is very helpful as well.

Point of Sucess…Awesome Customer Serivce!!! Highly recommend by many on this fourm.

I agree pos pizza and point of success are the BEST for entry level

One more vote for Point of Success! I am opening in about 10-12 weeks and I am setting up my menu in the pos right now, and it is sooooo easy! Good luck!

I am having dinerware installed tommorow…while pizza pos and point of success are cheaper and better for pizza places we chose to go with a local company which offers loaner equiptment and a 24 hour help desk…they also can log into our system and fix a problem before we even know we have it…I wanted point of success but my partner wanted to cover ourselves by having this company 5 minutes away…we also are going to have an order online website as well as text message ordering…Ill let you know how it works out, it should be here at 9 am tommorow

one more vote for www.pointofsuccess.com is the best. the roundtable discussion that they have is awesome and the fact they take us seriously is why I keep it and love it. awesome product and great price