POS ??

I’m trying to learn about POS, and want to know if I have at least this much right. A POS system stands for Point of Sales and is the generic term for the hardware associated with all systems ( monitor, cash register, keyboard, wiring, computer, etc.), and the other POS stands for Point of Success and is a particular type of software to run the hardware.
Is this correct?

Point of Sale means the entire system – Hardware, software and all the rest. Some people use POS to mean Point of Success because it’s easier to type. Point of Success isn’t your only choice for a POS system. There are many options for pizza restaurants. Your business is different than other restaurants, so stick with the companies that offer systems for pizzerias.

A typical point of sale system lets you take orders, control cash, prevent theft, and, for pizzerias, do the marketing that will help grow your business.

Please let me know if I can help.

Don’t be so modest! With your software my point of sale system is my most useful tool in my store. I can not imagine operating without it.

Hey Joe,

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Richard Lizza
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