i need a pos that has the ability of online ordering which one would you choose.
this will be our 1st pos. thanks for your help

Buy an inexpensive POS, and cut your teeth on that. You needed online ordering last month, but if you have no experience with a POS, it is better to get a ‘disposable’ system instead of shelling out $15-20k for something you aren’t 100% sure about.

All POS companies are going to go through a huge change in the next 2-3 years, and quite a few of them aren’t going to make it. The writing is on the wall, and the rumors are starting to peak about companies going under, not attending shows, and firing their sales staff. Those POS companies aren’t cutting expenses because they are rolling in the profits either.\

The changes that are coming up are going to be focused on the customer. In 5 years no pizza shop will be without SMS ordering and online ordering. Services like Phoenix POS’s test messaging when the driver leaves the store are going to be common place. It will be an exciting time to watch how the current companies evolve and what services they come up with (or go extinct).

I recently installed Prism by Microworks which has integrated online ordering. I haven’t started the online ordering yet but will very soon. I’m still tweaking the POS instore, but thus far am pretty happy with it.

i am installing my new POS form Foodtec next week…they have online ordering integrated as well. I can’t wait to replace my old system with all these bells and whistles…it it is not cheap, but I think they have the best sytem out there

PS they are outta Mass so that should be pretty convenient as well

We use Firefly, which has online ordering, but we have not implemented it yet.

As far as waiting for the “next great thing” you could play that game forever. I’m pretty into tech and have never seen a time where there is not always something on the horizon. Good point to keep in mind, however. Get a feel for what the company is working on in the future.

I also have Pizza Director from Foodtec Solutions. I’ve been a satisfied customer for 2 years now. I jumped onboard with online ordering in December of last year. Roughly 5% of my sales are over the internet. This system has improved my business since day one.

I totally agree here. Installing the bottom of the line POS is a far better option than none at all. Truth be told, you don’t need inventory, scheduling or online ordering. But the fact of the matter is that your competition has them, and they are using those tools to take advantage of you.

Foodtec and Firefly are also great options. Foodtec is the far cheaper option, but I see a lot of innovation from Firefly. They were the first POS to offer SMS messaging when drivers checked out the pizza. Not only does that speed things up (it sends out an SMS when the driver checks out the order," Your pizza just left the shop, the total is $12.99 not including tip and will arrive in xx minutes.") It also gives you an incredible marketing tool.

Just be sure to ask the right questions. Is the company you are looking at growing? Are they downsizing their sales staff? What new features did they introduce this year… asking the ‘right questions’ will get you much further.