Position Responsibilities

This is probably an awkward question. As noted in an earlier post, I am quite new to this whole food service business.

Since I recently took this place over, I have had many issues with current employees that say that “its not my job, I make pizzas” or “thats the delivery drives job” or something similar. Now I know that I am in charge and all.

What I need is some input on how you guys set forth responsibilities of your different positions. We are small. We mostly have a pizza maker, fryer operator, and a delivery driver and a counter person. On the weekends we have 2 pizza makers, 2 fryer operators and a counter person…who my wife or I back up if needed.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Every kitchen has its traditions. If your crew is used to the tasks being divided a certain way don’t mess with it as long as everyone is on the same page and all the tasks are getting done. Unless… that system is requiring you to have too many people on the schedule. For example if your store history is that the counter person restocks the condiments and paper supplies somebody still has to do that on slower shifts when there is no counter person.

As a practical approach, I suggest that you get a couple of long time employees that do different jobs and take them for a beer. Tell them you want to understand how things have been done in the past and ask what they think about it. Does it work? Does it make sense? Is it fair? Let them know both that you are the owner and in charge, but that you respect their opinions and experience. If you decide to make changes at some point you want allies not critics!

Wait a while before you make changes. Explain your reasoning in advance to your key people and ask what they think. This does not give them veto power. What it does do is give them the respect they have earned and you stand a fair chance of them supporting the ideas when presented to the whole crew. They may also point out something you have missed and save you both money and egg on the face.

I agree with bodegahwy. You many want to have these key people assist you in writing job descriptions. I would include in the job description “Other duties as required.”

This may not be the right place to say this, but I just want to say that Bodegahwy needs to be recognized as one of those that provides some of the most insightful, thoughtful and practical responses to management and operating questions on this site. His answer (above) in this thread is just another example of his willingness to share his experience, opinions and perspective, and he does this on a regular basis. He has my personal respect.

I second that, Piedad.

I agree and did follow his advice on this. The issue I was running into is tasks not getting done, so I had a discussion with the crew and moving forward hopefully it will get better.

In my pizzeria, we all wear the same uniform, and because of this, there are no “job descriptions.” Our employees get trained on multiple stations, that way we can utilize them whenever and however we need. Obviously there are different pay grades and responsibilities that everyone has, but by no means is anyone “above” doing anything! That being said, our crew is a team and a family there is a mutual respect among our employees to not let things go un-done.

It is now your place and they need to respect that. People need to do what their asked because they need to work. It may not be their job, but they can learn and it will make them a better employee with the possibility of getting more hours because of it.

Piedad and Missy, thank you for the kind words! I had not revisited this thread and seen them. I think that I am one of many on the site that have contributed over the years in areas where they have something to offer. I have really enjoyed participating here and have taken away many valuable tips from other posters.

Some of the most fun has been the few times I have been able to visit other TT’ers when traveling or the couple of times that TT’ers have stopped by in Steamboat when they were traveling. I wish I could make it to one of the industry gatherings to meet more face to face, but the time of year is tough to take the time it would require to drive and the cost of the trip flying does not make sense just for that purpose.

Best to all.

Our job description shows that every person does everything outside of their job. In this I mean cleaning, dishes, helping with prep, folding boxes, cleaning etc
Where possible we cross train so positions can be assisted but it is difficult to train drivers when they only come in 2 nights and them being ones when we are flat out