POS's End Of Life

With the older pos systems reaching the end of life as older versions of windows will no longer be supported any longer. I am sure all the banking criminals will be making us all get new versions of the same thing as most older processors and mother boards aren’t compatible any longer to the newer software!
If you investigate how this is progressing and dont have a very new system with the latest processor looks to me like within 2 years most every POS out there will be junk.
POS ready 7, Win 10 , Win 10 IOT as the latest win 10 IOT 2022 has to have the latest processor to run it
what is everyone’s game plan?

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*Disclaimer we are a POS company!
-You are spot on most legacy POS systems are getting to a point with Windows 10 end of life and card reader end of life; that you will be force to upgrade all your hardware. We are a new player in the industry and may be able to offer a solution to you and others coming up against this “deadline”.

FirePOS is an exciting new system that has been in development for about 3 years now; we are just now entering BETA release stage, but offer an extremly different approach to the business.

-No contracts, you are not locked in long term with us.
-Purchase hardware or lease and get new equipment every 5 years as part of the lease.
-Use any processor you want or our processing options at 2.49% and .05 cents per transaction.
-Built on Android and your data is stored in the cloud. However everything fails over to local devices so if your internet goes down everything continues to operate without a problem.
-Amazing 24/7 US based support, menu maintenance included
-Complete system and report customization/we make the system work exactly how you need!

We took the best parts of the POS market and removed the bad parts. We started business because we saw this “end of life” coming up for legacy systems and wanted to take advantage of the coming switch to better technology and systems.

I can give you much more detail about us and get you a customized quote; if you would like just shoot me a DM.


Is this you?


No www.FirePOS.com. Website is not launched yet. But you can shoot us a DM and could schedule a call to answer any questions you have.
We are US based.

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