Has anyone heard of this site? Does anyone use this company. They are plastered all over craigs list.
Thanks Kevin

Never heard of them. If you are a pizza operator, especially if you deliver, you really need to get a pizza specific POS. I have been happy with Microworks Prism for 15 years and would go with them again if I were starting from scratch. There are several others that people here on the TT like and I am sure they will chime in eventually.

Do I need to buy from a local company so they can set it up, or can you buy these on line?
We may start without doing delivery.

If you are tech savvy, many of the owners here use Point of Success. It is a system that lets your buy your hardware from your choice of suppliers and has most of the bells and whistles you need for a decent price.

We recently started to use this company because we just opened five ice cream shops. The systems are great but I did find out something. The pos systems have some type of spyware on them. They are able to see everything that your company do from sales, employee’s information, every transaction. They have a program called logmein installed on the systems so that they can fix them at any given time but they also are able to view all the information that is inputted in the system and that scare’s me…big brother…

Thats the trade off having offsite tech support. Make sure there is a clause in the contract that they will not disclose any personal or store information to third parties. I don’t think there is a way to give them full remote access while not letting them access every section of the system for repair. Double edged sword in that respect.

Regarding the Logmein, I highly recommend you don’t allow anyone to remotely access your system with unattended support. Unattended support, on the surface sounds great, your POS service provider can log in to correct any issues, even if you are away. Most providers are honest and would never think of doing anything nefarious, but the risk is always there.

The better option is to do attended support, which means someone on your end, must allow access to the POS system and can watch what is occuring in the system.

The attached link is for the recent breach in Delaware, that is believed to originated with Logmein. Any remote access company can be a risk, not just Logmein.