Thinking of mailing eddm post card as a trial. Any ideas what gets a customer to bite and not throw it out? Not sure what to put on the card.

My best response was simply with a menu. I am currently in the mailshark yearly program and my sales are probably 50% higher than last year. I should say these results may not be typical as I am in an out of the ay location and have never done any kind of mailer before. But the program works.
As far as a postcard I would give away a high value low cost item. To me a give away is better than discounting as you are not lowering the value of your overall product or giving expectations of future discounts. Of course I have some discounted coupons and combo deals but my best overall performer has probably been a free stromboli with order over 25. The cost is right around $2.oo but for my menu the value is 9.50. I also stated a 9.50 value. Hope this helps

Hey Mike
What size stromboli are you offering as free?

We did well with 2 big coupons on a postcard. “$1 off any Medium Pizza” “$2 off any Large or Extra Lg Pizza” nice and simple and if I get one a few years from now I can still accept it.

Should there be an expiration date on the coupons to get people to bite quick or just go without expiration date?

I like the ones that are “x- dollars off” so you don’t need an expiration. When I’ve done the bite quick ones I find people like to argue on the phone and I give them the discount anyway. I don’t like our staff to view the customer as an adversary

For years we ran with a combination of offers that we were happy to take anytime which were either an add-on like Mike says or an offer to drive multiple pie orders and limited time offers trying to crack to the door on new customers and drive orders to our online system. When we used a post card it would have had four offers. An example would be:

  1. Free Pint of Ice Cream with 16" pie with at least one topping. (Long expiration)
  2. $5.00 off an order with 2 or more 16" pies. (Long Expiration)
  3. 10 chicken wings FREE with 16" pie with at least 3 toppings if ordered online with promo code. Limited one use. Expired pretty fast. Maybe 3 weeks?
  4. $8.00 off order with 2 or more 16" pies if ordered online with promo code. Limited to one or may 2 uses. Expired fast.