Post-it Note style prints... what can I get them?

I’m looking for some Post-It note style prints to put coupons and the such on so I can have my workers hit parking lots and just slap a post-it on everyones windows instead of putting a menu under the windshield wiper.

Taradel does not have these so do any of you know a place that can print them?

I have used them. They stick very well.

To answer your question: has them, not sure of pricing.

To add my 2 cents: The whole menu in the windshield wiper upsets me as a consumer, and actually turns me away from a business. I do not want people messing with my property, and I know from past experiences a lot of consumers feel the same. One up that by putting a sticky note on my windshield, and there’s a bigger problem.

I think such a campaign would do more harm than good, but obviously that is my sole opinion.

I got this idea yesterday when I was in the Walmart parking lot and I come outside and there is a Papa Johns post-it on my drivers side door. I thought it was genius cause I grabbed it and put it in my car, as did a few other people I seen as I was loading crap into my car.

Some folks will love and and others will hate them…But like any form of marketing you have to track your ROI…If you have enough “lovers” you will be good even if you do have a few “haters”…

I also sell adhesive pads

Make sure you check the local bylaws on this type of advertising. The city I live in has a $50 fine for each item so if you tag 50 cars that is a $2500 fine.

how would you go about doing this and not red flagging yourself?

All the bylaws here are available online and it is a simple search.

I tried that for my city, can only find a few things and nothing on advertising like that.

Another option is to call in as a concerned citizen who just had junk mail put on their car.

No way I would do this. People in my town would hate me.

I need some type of marketing ideas, as i’m pretty much running out!
Have done:
-all kinds of online marketing - site - yelp - facebook - and many others
-mascot with signs standing at the main road (as we are in a large strip mall with apparently no visibility so no one knows we are here)
-email marketing to all of our loyalty customers
-donations galore with gift cards and menus/coupon cards to give out
and a few other things i cant think of right now…

I’ve run out of ideas which is why I was looking at these stickers, to use on cars, as a “door hanger” and such and also a bag topper (as we dont have pizza or boxes, we put everything in clear sub bags) instead of menu’s.

Thoughts - Ideas?

Have you given out stadium cups at local events?..You can print and attach a coupon good for a free fountain beverage re-fill…I have also had clients print the coupon right on the cups and let their customers use them over and over again…

Do you have a rewards program…Buy 5 subs, 10 subs, etc and get a free t-shirt, travel mug, etc. etc…

Have you tried printing a faxable order form that nearby offices can fill out and fax back for their lunchtime orders?..

Have you sold pre-paid cards?..A certain number of subs, combos, etc, for a fixed price…Could be done in-house or as a fund raiser for a local school or team…I like pre-paid cards because you get cash up front and at busy times it makes your line move faster because there is no money to collect…Also with a fund raiser you may get clients you would otherwise not see…

There are very few local events other then fundraisers which we are all over so no problem there… we give them gift cards, coupon cards, menus but get very little ROI

Yes we’ve had a loyalty card program since we opened about 7 months ago, have 550 people signed up right now with their emails that we send about 2-3 times a week with coupons for free items.

We have NOT done the faxing idea… i will have to dust off the old machine and see if we can get a hold of some places in the area if they have a fax.

As for the Pre-paid (gift card style) yes we have been promoting them to charity events to see if they would like to sell $10 gift cards for $15, we get the $10 while they keep the $5 for every card… but no takers yet.

I am not talking about faxing out… … 64#imgrc=_ Will give you some ideas about what I mean…

Ahhh an order form… yes I already have one made and was going to put it up on the website for people to print and fill out then fax back, once i got the fax operating.

Other thoughts?